With just a little over a month until the premiere of The Wheel of Time, Amazon Prime Video is amping up the marketing. We got an incredible new trailer last week at NYCC 2021. This week we got a new teaser introducing Shadowspawn and we’ll just say they are chilling. Also this week, the series’ Twitter account put on a “Great Hunt” (named after the second book in The Wheel of Time series) for fans to find puzzle pieces that revealed a new motion poster featuring characters Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) and Lan (Daniel Henney) that you can see below.

Yesterday, we got a new teaser released on The Wheel of Time’s Twitter account. This one features Logain (Alvaro Morte), the self-proclaimed Dragon Reborn. It also brings up the term “False Dragon.” So, who is Logain? What is the Dragon Reborn? What is a False Dragon? I’ll do my best to explain from the book’s perspective. Granted, there may be changes to this lore in the television adaptation.

In The Wheel of Time, there are men and women who are born with the ability to wield magic, or “channel” magic as the book says. Channelers “weave” their magic to make it work. Think of it as casting a spell. For women, this magic is called saidar. For men, it is called saidin. People who trained with this magic are called Aes Sedai. During a time called the Breaking of the World, saidin became tainted by The Dark One (evil) and male Aes Sedai almost destroyed the world.

When the new series begins, only women are Aes Sedai and there aren’t many men that can channel – they’ve mostly been bred out of existence although men do pop up now and again that have the ability but they usually go mad. Some Aes Sedai actively look for these men to “gentle” them — basically, take away their ability to channel which leaves these men broken — they’ve lost a piece of who they are. 

There’s a prophecy in the world of The Wheel of Time about the Dragon Reborn. This prophecy states that a male Aes Sedai will come back as legendary hero Lews Therin and defeat the Dark One however, he may destroy the world in the process. So, you know, dangerous. Some men that are born with the ability to channel saidin wrongly proclaim that they are the Dragon Reborn, hence they are a False Dragon. And, that is how we meet Logain. He is a man who can channel. He is also charismatic, incredibly strong in his skill and has raised an army. What we see in this teaser is that the Aes Sedai have been able to capture him and are trying their damndest to contain him with their own magic.  Looks like they may be having some trouble. Logain looks haunted in this teaser. He believes he is the Dragon Reborn and the Aes Sedai believe he is not. They want to stop a very dangerous man. 

An interesting element in this trailer is that we see black smoke, or a black energy, around Logain when he is channeling. Whereas, when we’ve seen Moiraine or other Aes Sedai channel thus far, the smoke/energy is white. This is another way to show that when men channel, it is tainted. There are additional interesting elements to this, but they would be massive spoilers.

Check out the latest teaser below along with Amazon’s descriptive text below!


DESCRIPTIVE TEXT: Logain (Alvaro Morte) is seen walking through smoke, first in a wide shot and then in a closeup of his face. Under it, the words “Logain, The Self-Proclaimed Dragon Reborn” appear. Wounded, mail-clad soldiers appear and throw spears at Logain. A closeup of Logain’s hand as some kind of black energy surrounds it. A wide shot shows the soldier’s spears break against the same black energy, now completely surrounding Logain. Cut to Logain in a cage, surrounded by a crowd as he and Mat make eye contact. The next shot is Logain in the same cage but now in a darker place, white energy now surrounds him and Aes Sedai hands hurriedly create their own weaves. A man with two axes leaps at Logain. Energy explodes out from the cage, knocking two Aes Sedai out of their chairs. Cut to another closeup of Logain outside in the cage as a voice talks about how strong he is.

The Wheel of Time is based on Robert Jordan‘s fantasy series spanning 14 books. The final three books in the series were written by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson after Jordan’s passing. It is set in a sprawling, epic world where magic exists, but only women can use it. Meaning that in this series — women hold the keys to power. The story follows Moiraine, a member of the shadowy and influential all-female organization called the “Aes Sedai” as she embarks on a dangerous, world-spanning journey with five young men and women. Moiraine is interested in these five because she believes one of them might be the reincarnation of an incredibly powerful individual, whom prophecies say will either save humanity or destroy it.

Executive producer/showrunner Rafe Judkins adapted the novels for television Executive producers also include Larry Mondragon and Rick Selvage of Red Eagle Entertainment, Ted Field and Mike Weber of Radar Pictures, Darren LemkeMarigo Kehoe and Uta Briesewitz.  Jordan’s widow Harriet McDougal and Sanderson will serve as consulting producers.

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