This recap of Locke & Key contains spoilers, so reader discretion is advised. Welcome back to another recap of season two of Locke & Key, the show based on the comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez. Last episode, Uncle Dunc (Aaron Ashmore) finally got his memories back. 

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“What the hell could he be trying to do?”

We enter Locke & Key Season Two, Episode Six, “The Maze” where we left off last episode. Godge (Griffin Gluck) is at the door, and Kinsey (Emilia Jones) opens it. She lies to him when he asks if the Memory Key worked on Duncan. Godge plays the worried boyfriend routine, inching further and further into the house.

At this point, Tyler (Connor Jessup ) intervenes, blocking Godge from coming in. Godge longingly eyes the Hercules Key belt that Tyler’s wearing. Both Locke kids tell Godge to vamoose, and he’s all OK, but see you tomorrow? Right? Right!?

Godge gone, Tyler’s in panic mode about his plan, but Kinsey’s more freaking out that she’s basically been sleeping with the enemy. Then, Bode (Jackson Robert Scott ) returns home from Nebraska to tell them the tale of two Dodges (Laysla De Oliveira ) news he learned from Rufus (Coby Bird).

The kiddos start to piece it all together and we get a literal: “Oh my God. We killed Ellie“. But seriously, thank goodness for non-consensually restored Duncan, because now they have an adult in their posse. He reminds them that knew not what they did. Erin (Joy Tanner) chimes in that it was totally Dodge’s fault. 

Kinsey nopes out of the room. It’s all way too much. She goes out to the porch to stare into the middle distance.

“What kind of idiot am I?”

Tyler and Duncan soon join Kinsey. Again, Duncan reminds them not to blame themselves. I find it interesting that they immediately shift to referring to Dodge with feminine pronouns. Is this a distancing technique? Because, as far as we/they know, Dodge attached to Lucas (Felix Mallard) and is now presenting as Godge. This isn’t a criticism, just something I found interesting. (Also, lol, D/Godge has seduced both of the teen Lockes now)

Anyway, Duncan wants to know if Godge ever asked Kinsey about the Keys. She affirms that he did, but that so does every one of their friends. Wait, nope, he definitely wanted to know if she knew how to make Keys. Tyler is all, Crap, I told him you made a Key, Duncan. See, y’all, talking out your problems really does help! #therapy

Later, Kinsey scrolls through the photos of herself and Godge. Ugh. Poor Kins. 

The next morning, Duncan and Nina (Darby Stanchfield) run into each other in the kitchen. She’s radiating afterglow and wearing a smile that says “Ask me about all the awesome sex I just had.” I mean, I am super glad Duncan is supportive of her moving on from his late brother, but I also don’t know how easy it would really be for them to gossip about dating?

Bode comes into the kitchen before we’re subjected to any more “grownup” talk. Nina excuses herself and tells her son she’ll see him at Winter Fest later that day.

Bode, ever the voice of reason, is the first person to ask Duncan how he feels about getting his memories back. On the balance, Duncan is relieved to understand more about his past. Then, they both hear Whispers.

“I was more of a Hall & Oates kind of guy, you know?”

So, Duncan and Bode chase the Whispers into the basement. They’re led to a china cabinet, and the first drawer Duncan opens is filled with Teddy Bears; “No one’s really explained these to me before,” he says. 

The next drawer they open is full of cassettes, which Bode mistakes for iPods. I’d call BS, but I work with a lot of teens who literally cannot believe that you once had to connect to the internet via the home telephone line. 

They find the Key, which looks like a chain, in an Alice In Chains cassette case. Dunc’s never seen the Key before. 

Over at Matheson Academy, while Godge is stewing over why the Memory Key didn’t work on Duncan, Evil-den (Hallea Jones) is hungover, smashing a delicious-looking breakfast burrito. Then, Javi (Kevin Alves) and Brinker (Kolton Stewart) walk by just to shame her for eating, because, you know, women aren’t allowed. Oh, Locke & Key

“Smaller bites, Eden.”

Evil-den doesn’t understand why Godge doesn’t just kidnap Kinsey and force her to make his Key. And Godge reminds her for the umpteenth time that “Not all Lockes can make Keys.” Evil-den then criticizes, for the umpteenth time, his decision to cozy up to Kinsey. 

In retaliation, Godge shoves Evil-den, causing her to choke and admonishes her for not taking smaller bites. Gross. 

Because there wasn’t quite enough misogyny in this scene, the Mansplaining Weasel (Brendan Hines) himself shows up to add the cherry to the sundae. He’s angry that someone stole his precious (the Whispering Iron). He even posts up a missing flyer for it. 

Next, Evil-den’s mom (Tanya Clarke) shows up for a surprise visit! And immediately begins criticizing Evil-den’s appearance. But, that’s not why Mama Evil-den’s here. No, apparently Winter Fest is a big to-do and she wanted to join in on the fun. 

On the car ride to Winter Fest, the Locke siblings are discussing how to best play the situation. Godge will be too suspicious if they bail on the event, so they’re just gonna have to keep it cool. Bode wants to tell Jamie (Liyou Abere) what’s going on. His older sibs don’t think that’s a good idea because the smaller the circle of those in the know, the less likely it is that Godge’ll catch on. 

Bode reminds them he installed Find My Friends on their phones, and that they can keep track of each other that way. 

At Winter Fest, Bode immediately runs to hang with Nina. Kinsey finds Scot (Petrice Jones), who is creating clean energy by riding a stationary bike. She thanks Scot for all his help the night before. Cue: twinkly music. 

Over at another booth, Mansplaining Weasel is doing what he does best: Mansplain Colonial-era history. Meanwhile, his daughter is throwing shade, asiding to Bode that her dad did better during practice. Jamie knows her father well. 

Actually, Jamie knows everyone well. Bode is not paying attention to her while she explains her amazing weekend at grandma’s (there was Magic Shell!). 

“This will only hurt a little.”

Ah. Kinsey’s working the face-painting booth. Godge comes up behind her in the booth, and she startles. He immediately asks how Duncan is, and she recoils at Godge’s touch. Kinsey’s trying to maintain her cool, but it’s hard when Godge tells her he’s there to keep her company. He wants a neck tattoo of a lobster claw, and all his playful touching is making her skin crawl. Same, Kinsey, same. 

Meanwhile, Jackie (Genevieve Kang) meets up with Tyler. He wants to Talk. 

Over at Keyhouse, Duncan shows Erin the Chain Key. She’s never seen it before either. Duncan finds that odd since he’d always assumed the Keys were a bit sentient and knew when you needed them. Erin gives him a shady look. 

Duncan notices that Erin’s packing up her things. Her trust fund came through, and she had decided to go run off to the mountains. But in light of recent information, she plans to stay in Matheson to help them fight Dodge. But, Duncan insists that it’s not her fight, to go someplace beautiful and that he’ll visit her when the battle’s good and won.

Duncan leaves her room and goes to hide the Chain Key away. Erin follows him to see where he puts it … 

“I’m always gonna be here for you.”

Back at Winter Fest, Kinsey’s still pretending everything’s fine as she puts the finishing touches on Godge’s “tattoo.” Godge again brings up the Memory Key. This dude acts so sus and obvious that even if the Lockes hadn’t discovered it on their own, he clearly would have accidentally outed himself. 

The music, the framing and the acting work really well in this scene to make Godge’s words and touches of support and affection absolutely skin-crawlingly yucky. Truly terrifying. 

Next, Tyler brings Jackie to a greenhouse, slightly away from the rest of the carnival. He asks her if she remembers their trip to Bath. She recalls pieces of it. Tyler offers her a way to remember all of it But first, for some reason, he lights a fire in the greenhouse using the Matchstick Key. 

Tyler then tells her that in a few seconds she’ll forget she saw him light the greenhouse on fire. Umm, dude, what is the point of this? You could have just shown her your video and asked her if she wanted to use the Memory Key. You are literally re-traumatizing your girlfriend right now. She didn’t want this.

Instead, Tyler shoves the Memory Key in Jackie’s face and says this Key will make it so you never forget magic. He says he wants her permission to use it (Yes!). Jackie wants to know if all magic is as beautiful as the fire in the greenhouse. To his credit, Tyler doesn’t lie. Jackie doesn’t want to use the Key. She doesn’t want to take the terrible along with the beautiful. 

“Okay, but people are supposed to change, Tyler.”

And … Tyler doesn’t react well. He’s heartbroken because so much of life is out of their control, but this is something they can keep from changing. Jackie reminds him that change is inevitable. 

Tyler tries to convince her again, but that’s when Jackie’s adulthood takes over, and she’s lost and confused. Where did those little fires come from? And finally, Tyler accepts Jackie’s choice. They go off to make the most of their final Winter Fest together. 

Meanwhile, at Keyhouse … Erin steals the Chain Key from its not-so-secret hiding spot. Then, she’s off to find the Lock for the Chain Key. So she did know what it does.

Next, Bode is still only half paying attention to Jamie, who is kicking butt at the rigged carnival games. Jamie finally calls Bode on his stuff when he doesn’t want to join her in the snow maze. Bode lies that he’s just claustrophobic, and that’s why he doesn’t wanna go in the maze. Jamie doesn’t buy that for a hot second.

“Having fun is such serious business.”

So, Jamie steals his backpack and tells him he can tell her what’s up, or do the maze with her. Bode is very upset because his phone is in his backpack! Unfortunately, Bode loses precious time following Jamie into the maze because Doug (Jesse Camacho) is the ticket-taker and he is not gonna let anyone in for less than the four-ticket price.

Bode gets his tickets from Nina, who is flirting with Mansplaining Weasel over his cosplay. Nina asks him out to dinner, but he’s distracted by his phone and ditches her for “dorm duty” and “grading papers.” But, despite what Mansplaining Weasel thinks, Nina is no fool and can see right through his flimsy excuse.

At Keyhouse, Erin has left a note on her bed. She apologizes for lying to Duncan about the Chain Key but says that actually as the last remaining OG Keeper of the Keys, it’s her job to end Dodge.  

It’s time to catch up with Evil-den, who’s munching on some popcorn (caramel corn? kettle corn?). She runs into her mom at the gin booth. Mama Evil-den’s all, Don’t judge; the only reason you’re not joining me is ’cause you don’t have a fake.

Anyway, she tells Evil-den the real reason she came: She’s being cheated on. Evil-den very nonchalantly tells her mom to kill Papa Evil-den. She thinks her daughter is joking but appreciates that she’s being supportive of her. 

So, Duncan uses the Anywhere Key to get to Winter Fest so he can intercept Erin. Unfortunately, Evil-den sees him arrive. She’s on to him.

“Do you think you could do this ombre?”

Back at the face painting booth, Godge asks Kinsey to hang out when the Fest is over. He is literally the thirstiest. But, then Evil-den texts Godge with the news that Duncan’s fixed, and that Kinsey lied. He bolts. 

Tyler and Jackie are in line for something when Kinsey runs up to her brother. She’s very worried about Godge’s sudden disappearing act. Tyler thinks they shouldn’t immediately panic, but they do try to locate Bode. He’s in the maze. Off they go to find him.

Then, Duncan comes upon Jackie and asks her if she’s seen Erin. He learns that the kids are in the maze, so that’s where he heads off to. 

Evil-den and Godge meet up, and Evil-den is smug as all get out. They too head off to the maze, and Erin’s on her way there. She enters through the exit.

Inside the maze, it’s a bit chaotic. Blue lights, Lockes and demons in different rows. Jamie and Bode meet up first. Next, Tyler and Kinsey find the two of them. They take the two younger kids by the hand to lead them out of the maze.

“Oh, Vossie.”

Next, Erin and Godge meet up. Erin uses the Chain Key to bind Godge. She drags him back towards her, and he semi-morphs into his demon form. Unfortunately, Evil-den knocks her out before she can get Godge the heck out of there and into the well house. 

Then, Duncan finds the gaggle of children. He fills them in on the Erin situation. 

The Erin sitch has taken a turn for the worse. The two demons have the Chain Key, and Erin’s out of tricks. So, she tries to appeal to Lucas’s humanity, which she believes is somewhere hidden within Godge.

We see a flash of recognition, but the demon takes over. And chokes Erin to death. Godge uses the Plant Key to dispose of her body. Godge and Evil-den leave.

The Lockes and Co. find Erin’s body. Duncan and Kinsey run to her while Tyler shields Bode’s and Jamie’s eyes. Erin’s gone.

“Just face it. You got played.”

Back at Keyhouse, the Lockes mourn Erin and are more resolved than ever to get rid of D/Godge.  

In the dorms, Evil-den tries to talk sense to Godge. If Erin was on to him, so are the Lockes. Godge doesn’t think they do know. He thinks Kinsey is too weak to have been able to carry on like normal that day. 

Godge won’t believe it, even when Evil-den asks him to explain away how Duncan used the Anywhere Key. 

Then, Kinsey calls him. She has amazing news. The Memory Key finally worked on Duncan. She invites Godge to come over to see the miracle for himself. 

Hook, line and sink ‘im. 

This episode of Locke & Key was incredibly well made and entertaining to watch, though I am sad to see Erin go. What did you think? Who will die next? Click below for the next recap. 

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Both seasons of Locke & Key are available now on Netflix.

Author’s note:

My recaps for season two of Locke & Key were nearly complete by the time that Netflix leadership’s transphobia came to light. While it is absolutely true that all corporations are evil to varying degrees and that everyone has their “problematic faves,” in my opinion, this situation is quite different. Netflix is an international company with a yearly revenue of $25 billion. Their behavior towards marginalized communities matters. 

I am a nonbinary person. It was not an easy decision for me to post these recaps. I have canceled my personal Netflix subscription and following this season of Locke & Key recaps, will no longer be covering Netflix content, unless they change their ways. However, I believe that rather than staying silent, the most productive way to help my community at large is to publish these recaps and provide resources at the bottom of each article. 

Thank you for reading. 

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