Fair warning: This recap of Locke & Key “Crown of Shadows” contains more spoilers than false endings  . That is to say, a boat load.

Welcome to the another recap of Locke & Key, the show based on the comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez. Last time, the Locke kids took a stroll through Ellie’s head and learn why Lucas became Lodge. Also, Nina almost went to an AA meeting. 

In the season one finale, the Locke kids bravely battle shadow monsters and use the Omega Key to get rid of Dodge for good, but they may have done more damage than good. Also, Nina goes on a coffee date. 

Let’s do this one more time!

We open on Nina (Darby Stanchfield) and Detective Daniel (Martin Roach) having coffee. I’m confused because it was daylight when he asked her out and now it’s nighttime. Did they go to the AA meeting after all? They literally are just being served their lattes. Daniel tells to take everything step-by-step, day-by-day. It finally dawns on her that maybe moving to Matheson wasn’t a great idea.

Over at Key House, the terrific trio of Bode (Jackson Robert Scott ), Tyler (Connor Jessup) and Kinsey (Emilia Jones) are wondering where the heck Ellie (Sherri Saum) is. Tyler says it’s only been an hour. Lol. Way to be an optimist. But then Bode sees someone coming up the drive. It’s Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira) in a fabulous black cape and with a decidedly unsexy demon voice! Dodge, the Queen of Shadows raises some impressive shadow creatures to do her car-flipping bidding. The sibs run inside and equip themselves with plastic lightsabers and barricade the doors. 

Emilia Jones as Kinsey, Jackson Robert Scott as Bode, Connor Jessup as Tyler in Locke and Key 'Crown of Shadows'

Locke & Key “Crown of Shadows”—Episode 110 — Pictured (l-r): Emilia Jones as Kinsey, Jackson Robert Scott as Bode, Connor Jessup as Tyler—(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix)

Sadly, it doesn’t matter that the kids have barricaded the doors, because the shadow creatures can squeeze through the cracks. They pour Rendell’s (Bill Heck) ashes all over the ground and make a general mess of the place. When Tyler tries to stop them, Dodge pulls him up by the throat. But then, Bode turns on the lights and Dodge and the shadows disappear. That’s convenient. The kids run through the house, turning on all the lights. 

Bode tapes the Matchstick Key to his plastic lightsaber and turns it into a real weapon and calls out to the shadow monsters to come and get him. Unfortunately, no one thought to turn on the lights in the basement before the monsters could get to the fuse box. Kinsey runs off. A monster knocks her down the stairs and she falls to the floor, dropping her flashlight. She’s pulled under the stairs as she grabs for it, but luckily she has some matches on her and is able to get away. 

Meanwhile, the boys are upstairs, looking for more flashlights to stave off their unwelcome visitors. Bode runs into Dodge in the hallway and stabs her with his firesaber. She disintegrates and a split second later, Kinsey resets the fuse. 

But, Dodge didn’t exactly disintegrate—she’s on the floor, only she’s passed out and no longer a souped-up version of herself. Hmmm. Bode goes to check on the Omega Key, which is still safely in the Fix-it Cabinet. They’re not sure what to do with Dodge, since they aren’t able to kill her. Kinsey suggests sending her back through the black door from whence she came. Tyler thinks that’s a bit like opening pandora’s box, but since there aren’t any better ideas…

Bode heads to Ellie’s house while Scot (Petrice Jones), Eden (Hallea Jones), Jackie (Genevieve Kang) and Gabe (Griffin Gluck) come to help drag Dodge’s body to the sea caves. Gabe said they woulda called the rest of the Savinis, but you know, that’s a lot of people to fit in one shot, so…Side note: Scot not being sure about the demon’s pronoun is such a Scot thing.

The Teen Squad can’t really focus on the task at hand. Jackie’s sorry that she made Tyler feel like he couldn’t tell her about the magic keys. Gabe and Scot argue about whether demons are supposed to be hot. Eden’s ready to Snapchat photos of Dodge. 

As they’re walking to the caves, Eden wonders what we all are. Will Scot ever shut up? Also, what happens if Dodge wakes up? Tyler has a knife, but who knows how effective that will be. What luck! Tides are at full-low, which means it’s safe for them to enter the caves. 

Meanwhile, Bode gets to Ellie’s house, where he finds Rufus (Coby Bird) knocked out on the floor, but Ellie is not there. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. 

Back to the Teen Squad! They’re in the caves and not enjoying it. It doesn’t get any better when they start to hear a really scary rumbling sound. When they get to the door, Kinsey starts to have second thoughts about opening it, asking Tyler if it feels right to him. They don’t have time to weigh the pros and cons, however, because the tide is coming in and Dodge is starting to wake up. 

Hallea Jones as Eden, Emilia Jones as Kinsey, Connor Jessup as Tyler, Petrice Jones as Scot, Griffin Gluck as Gabe, Genevieve Kang as Jackie in Locke and Key 'Crown of Shadows'

Locke & Key “Crown of Shadows”—Episode 110 — Pictured (l-r): Hallea Jones as Eden, Emilia Jones as Kinsey, Connor Jessup as Tyler, Petrice Jones as Scot, Griffin Gluck as Gabe, Genevieve Kang as Jackie—(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix)

Kinsey warns the rest of the Teen Squad not to touch anything that might come out of the door. She puts the key in the door and turns the lock. The other side looks vaguely like outer space. If outer space catapulted hot pellets at you. If my eyes don’t deceive me, it looks like one of those may have grazed someone…T

yler and Kinsey drag Dodge to the door. Dodge full wakes up as they throw her in and she asks Tyler what he’s doing and her heartbreaking scream as she vanishes into the abyss doesn’t sound like that of a villain being defeated…It’s too early in the episode. Oh no oh no oh no. Laysla De Oliviera does a great job here, making it clear there’s a change in her character, with all of thirty seconds to do it. 

Later, the Teen Squad goes back to Key House to celebrate their big win. Scot pulls Kinsey aside for some feelings; he’s not going to date her while she’s dating another guy, so they’re gonna be friends. 

Oh hey! Nina and Detective Daniel are still on their date. He’s bragging about how old his mom is and her cleaning skills. His thrilling story is interrupted by official police business—at Ellie’s house. Rufus is OK, he tells Bode. Rufus doesn’t know where Ellie is. 

Bode gets home and bursts Kinsey’s and Tyler’s bubbles when he wants to know if they’re sure it was actually Dodge they threw through the door. Because, you know, Ellie is missing. They insist it was Dodge. Tyler utters the most dangerous words anyone can with 15 minutes left in a season finale: we’re safe now. 

The next morning, Nina makes a big ole stack of pancakes. Uncle Duncan (Aaron Ashmore) is there. For some reason. Nina announces that they need to have a little family meeting. She apologizes for her huge mistake of moving them to Key House and says that they’ll be moving back home. They’ll sell Key House and buy a new house in Seattle, that will be their house, free of any ghosts from their past. The kids say, but we actually like it here now? They only hated it when a demon was torturing them, Nina. 

Next, we get voice over of a letter that Bode writes Rufus, who had to move in with an aunt and uncle in Nebraska since Ellie is still missing. Nina is still helping Detective Daniel search for her…the kids are protecting the keys, which they now realize are for more than just fun. They are the new Keepers of the Keys. 

Later, The Lockes decide to scatter Rendell’s ashes in the ocean. 

Even later, Tyler’s off to go fishing with Jackie and her family when we learn that Kinsey isn’t going to Parsons and will be sticking around with Gabe all summer. We now follow Gabe on his bike, we’re flashing back to several key moments of his time with Kinsey…I don’t like where this is headed..oh no oh no oh no…oh yes, he is Godge! Way to pull off a sinister grin, Griffin Gluck. 

Now, we flashback to the night that Ellie disappeared…Lodge did transform himself into Dodge, but then transformed Ellie into Dodge as well. Real Dodge knocked Ellie-Dodge out and placed her in Key House to let the Locke kids think they’d won. Gahhhhh. Does that mean Sherri Saum won’t be in season two? That makes me sad.

Emilia Jones as Kinsey, Griffin Gluck as Gabe in Locke and Key 'Crown of Shadows'

Locke & Key “Crown of Shadows”—Episode 110 — Pictured: Emilia Jones as Kinsey, Griffin Gluck as Gabe—(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix)

Not only did they send the wrong person into the abyss, I wasn’t wrong. Eden took a bullet. Godge meets “Eden” at the diner and asks how she’s doing. The answer? So hungry. Thunder roars in the background. 

And that’s a wrap on season one of Locke & Key. That was a pretty fun ride—I’m mostly satisfied. It’s a solid show, with strong production values on all fronts. There are moments that can veer into the cliché or predictable, but never to the point where the show isn’t enjoyable. I wish we’d found out a little bit more about why the demons are so obsessed with the keys—because really, if I were a demon in possession of an Anywhere and Identity Key, I’d have a lot more important things to do than stick around Key House. That would have gone a long way to tying everything together, but no one ever really questioned it nor was it addressed. I’d let it alone till now, hoping we might find out in the finale, but really, it’s a nitpick for me in an otherwise well-made series. 

Are you satisfied with the finale? How about all those twists, huh? Will you be tuning in for a season two? Thanks for joining me for season one Locke & Key, here on Geek Girl Authority.

The first season of Locke & Key is available now on Netflix.

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