Fair warning: This recap of Locke & Key episode 105 called “Family Tree” contains more spoilers than memories Duncan’s missing. That is to say, a boat load.

Welcome to another recap of Locke & Key, the show based on the comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez. Last time, a newly Fearless Kinsey tried out a new look and a new attitude, which included kissing Scot. Tyler also decided to change things up, which let him move things along with his crush, Jackie. Meanwhile, Dodge kidnapped Bode for a few minutes. While all that was happening, Nina was refurbishing furniture and drinking Sprite.

In this episode, Tyler and Kinsey butt heads over if and how they should use the keys, Nina finds herself at a murder scene and Bode brings a hammer to school. 

Keyed-up to talk about the specifics? Let’s go! 

We open two weeks after the last episode. Tyler’s (Connor Jessup) looking for some midnight munchies when he hears whispers. The whispers have woken Kinsey (Emilia Jones) up, too. The sound is coming from inside the piano. Bode (Jackson Robert Scott ), who doesn’t know what an inside voice is, comes charging in, and asks what they’ve found. They’ve found the Music Box Key. Kinsey turns the lock on an old box in the study. 

At first it doesn’t seem like The Music Box Key does much but play music. The kids take some time to wonder what it means now that they can all hear the whispers. Bode’s happy they can all be protectors of the keys. Tyler suggests they split up the keys between them and always talk it out before using them. Kinsey’s had enough of Mr. Bossy Pants and tells him to shut his mouth. Suddenly he can’t speak. She tells him to slap his face and he does. She realizes she’s controlling him through the music box. 

The next day, Nina’s (Darby Stanchfield) having one of those mornings where you burn your toast because you’re spacing out. She’s obsessed with figuring out what’s wrong with their stove. But, she’s easily distracted when Tyler tells her he’s quitting hockey.  

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Locke & Key “Family Tree”—Episode 105 — Pictured: Emilia Jones as Kinsey—(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix)

At the Academy, Scot (Petrice Jones) shows Kinsey a cut of The Splattering on his phone. He thinks it’s a hot mess, but not because Kinsey ruined it with her blood-trigged flashback. Eden (Hallea Jones) comes in to gloat about how much better the film would have been with her in the lead. She tells Scot he’ll never be better than mediocre.

Meanwhile, Tyler, Jackie (Genevieve Kang) and Logan (Eric Graise) are organizing shirts for their charity 5K. They make plans to meet up at Jackie’s later. Tyler asks Logan, bro-to-bro, if he can come up with a reason not to be there. Logan agrees to give them alone time, but warns him not to screw it up. 

When Tyler goes to tell Kinsey that she’s gotta find her own way home from school, he sees that she’s brought the music box to school with her. Girl. They get verbally aggressive with each other about all the rules Tyler is making around the keys. Kinsey thinks he’s being too controlling and he thinks he has to be. I get where each of them is coming from, really. I do. He storms off. Scot is behind Kinsey’s locker door because of course he is. Kinsey says they don’t have to put up with the bullying they’ve been receiving. They have tools. A Music Box Key that open up doors…of possibility. 

Shortly after, Kinsey and Scot have some wicked fun with Eden. They make her fall on her face, but she’s able to play it off as a joke, much to their chagrin. But, they can’t dwell on it because Gabe (Griffin Gluck) sees the whole thing and asks them how they were able to play Geppetto to Eden’s Pinocchio. They ask Gabe if he wants to give it a spin, but he takes things a bit too far and Eden ends up on the lunch table, dousing herself in Ranch dressing. Scot tries to tell them that that’s enough, they’ve gotten back at her, but Kinsey and Gabe keep going. 

Meanwhile, Nina visits Joe the English teacher (Steven Williams) to ask why Tyler quit hockey. He says he’s probably been busy with the 5K cancer run. Nina’s like say what? She’s about to start whining about how distant she feels from Tyler when she gets a call from Bode’s school. He brought a hammer to class. Tee hee. I remember being the teacher on the side of that phone call once. Bode tells her she just wanted it for protection and she promises to protect him, but he knows she can’t. 

Next, Tyler is in the school lounge. Jackie comes up to him and flirtatiously teases him for many things, including thinking George Eliot was a man. She gets a video text. Eden made out with a statue in the cafeteria. 

Back at Key House, Nina and Bode get home. Nina hears a noise coming from the basement. It’s just Ellie (Sherri Saum)! She knows she shouldn’t be there, but Rufus (Coby Bird) left his GI Joe there and was freaking out. Nina gives her a pass this one time. Then she notices a KEY-SHAPED scar on Ellie’s décolletage, which Ellie says is from a bush she fell into while learning to ride a bike. Uh huh. 

Later, Gabe and Kinsey are walking through the woods. Gabe is super pumped about these magic keys and wants to know everything about them. He wonders how the keys came into existence. Are the Lockes descended from witches? And how great was it sticking it to Eden? Serious questions about keys turns into serious talk about Gabe. He’s in Matheson because his parents are getting divorced and shipped him off to boarding school so they could relive their youths.  

Locke & Key “Family Tree”—Episode 105 — Pictured: Steven Williams as Joe—(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix)

When Kinsey gets home, Tyler demands she give him the Music Box Key. She laughs at him derisively. Tyler thinks he has to take care of her since Fearless Kinsey is Reckless Kinsey. He says Dodge is out looking for them. She argues that Dodge isn’t going to kill them, since they need to physically give her the keys for her to take them. Tyler points out that there’s still so much they don’t know and tempting fate is not the best course of action. Kinsey tells him to buzz off. 

Duncan (Aaron Ashmore) arrives just as Tyler takes off. Duncan has been assigned the task of figuring out why the frick Bode took that hammer to school. Bode tells Duncan that protecting his family is more important than math problems. He asks Duncan if he remembers the magic keys, but no dice. 

Meanwhile, Nina goes to visit Joe. Rendell (Bill Heck) had the same key shaped scar in the exact same place as Ellie! But they each told her they got it in different ways. She wants to know if one or both of them was lying. Joe doesn’t take her seriously and is either gaslighting her because he knows something or he thinks she’s cuckoo from grief. Side note: It really bugs me that they had this conversation on the porch. There’s snow on the ground. 

Cut to: Jackie and Tyler at her place. He tells her she wishes he’d known her in Seattle because most of his friends took off after his dad was killed. And he’s not handling the pressure of being a quasi-dad right now. She lists off the reasons he’s a good brother and they kiss.  

Connor Jessup as Tyler, Genevieve Kang as Jackie in Locke and Key

Locke & Key “Family Tree”—Episode 105 — Pictured (l-r): Connor Jessup as Tyler, Genevieve Kang as Jackie—(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix)

At Key House, Kinsey’s lying on her bed, wishing Scot would text her back, but receiving excited texts about magic from Gabe. She’s thrilled when Scot shows up, throwing pebbles at her window. Turns out his phone battery is dead. He wasn’t ignoring her texts. He tells her he understands why she went as far as she did with Eden, even if he doesn’t agree with it and proposes they use her magic keys to make The Splatter a better movie. 

As she’s walking him out, he sees Chekov’s photo and Scot’s all, “Woah. These are the drowned people I was telling you about!” Kinsey is a little suspicious of his memory, but he says that a newspaper article about the drowning basically used the same photo. 

Even later that night, Nina heads over to Ellie’s, where Rufus answers the door. Ellie’s not home. Then, Nina catches Ellie in her lie—Rufus did not leave any of his troops behind at Key House the other day. She gets back in her car. She has a message from Joe, who says he found something inexplicable and he needs to show it to her. When she calls him back, there’s no answer.

Meanwhile, Tyler gets home to find Kinsey waiting up for him. She tells him the people who drowned at the sea cave were Rendell’s friends. She says maybe that’s why he never wanted to return to Matheson, maybe it had nothing to do with the keys. As if awoken by the word, the whispers begin. They’re lead to the cemetery. Tyler does not want to be there. His sass right now, man. A+: they find what is clearly the Flower Key, which obviously goes into the glowing tree over there. The key turns and a field of glowing paint jars filled with memories surfaces. Duncan’s memories, to be exact. One of those memories just happens to be of Rendell hacking one of his friends to death. No big. The kids are horrified. 

We end the episode with Nina back at Casa de Joe. The door’s open. She knocks. No answer. She calls him again and hears the ringtone from inside. She enters the house, where she finds Joe at his desk with a plastic bag over his head. Oh no. She calls 911. Then hears a thud. She’s not alone, but she doesn’t see anyone. We do. Ellie’s hiding under the house! Oh no!

Well, we’ve reached the halfway mark and I’m still being entertained! I’m glad that Nina finally has something to do, even if she’s still not particularly interesting as a character. I’m happy that Kinsey’s friends are becoming more involved with the magical keys because the show can’t continue to keep the kids’ home and school storylines separate. Regarding Joe’s death and Ellie’s possible involvement—I will be very sad if one of the few POC characters killed another.

Do you think Ellie killed Joe? If not, why was she at his house? Which key would you most like to use? The Anywhere Key’s an obvious choice, but I’ll be brave and pick the Head Key. Join me next time, as I recap Locke & Key, here on Geek Girl Authority

The first season of Locke & Key is available now on Netflix. 

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