We were hoping this would be the year we could say the Lizzie McGuire reboot is coming to your screen soon. Unfortunately, we have to report that despite everyone’s best efforts, the reboot just couldn’t come together for Disney Plus. Cue millennials everywhere internally screaming.

Hilary Duff took to Instagram to deliver the bad news. In the grand scheme of things, especially given this year, this is a minor inconvenience. However, 2020 has been relentless and many were hoping for good news regarding this highly anticipated reboot.

Many conversations about this reboot have happened since the world first found out about it last year. Seeing Lizzie, Gordo (Adam Lamberg), and Miranda (Lalaine) back together again as adults created the possibility of so many relatable storylines that could be shared. Not to mention the fact that getting the main cast to sign on to a revival 16 years later was a major accomplishment that shouldn’t go unrecognized.

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lizzie mcguire reboot cast

Hallie Todd, Jake Thomas, Hilary Duff, and Robert Carradine at the first Lizzie McGuire reboot table read.


So if a reboot has the cast on board, plenty of money to create and eager fans excited for its arrival, why would it fail? Rumor on the internet since filming started: Disney Plus won’t let go of the family-friendly version that they envision. Of course, Duff was transparent with fans on Instagram about being true to the character and making sure that Lizzie is portrayed accurately as an adult. To correctly show where Lizzie’s life would be now as a woman in her early 30s, Hulu would be the best place for the reboot to land permanently. Duff and others have been emphasizing this since last year.

Love Victor, the Love Simon small screen spin-off, was moved from Disney Plus to Hulu after it was determined to be “too mature” for the fairly new streaming service. Following this same logic, it’s pretty safe to safe, and no one truly understands why the same couldn’t be done for this reboot as well. Theoretically, most people who watched the show from 2001 to 2004 do not have family-friendly lives all the time. The mere suggestion that this character should be portrayed inaccurately is a disservice to what Lizzie, her peers and so many millennials have accumulated in life experience.

This is not what dreams are made of, but keep the faith that Lizzie McGuire will shine again one day.



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