Deal or No Deal is an American version of the international game show of the same name. Thanks to Evolution Gaming, players can now experience all the thrills of this game at a livecasino.

In this game, players have to qualify via a wheel of fortune. Then it’s about winning money from suitcases or accepting the dealer’s offer.

This article will tell you about the rules of Deal or No Deal and provide you with some helpful tips and tricks. 

How to Play Deal or No Deal? 

Playing this livecasino game show is a two-step process. Firstly, players have to qualify for the game. If they are successful, then they can take part in the round where they’ll have a chance to win real money. 


Players have two minutes to qualify. On a Wheel of Fortune, three golden rings must be placed in the correct order so that three golden sections are on top of each other.

  1. Make your bet and spin the wheel of fortune. A bet is incurred for each spin.
  2. To increase the chances of winning in the qualification phase, you can buy one or even two rings. This will automatically align the corresponding gold sections.
  3. Buying rings increases the stake by 3x for one ring and 9x for two rings.
  4. The bet per spin affects the biggest prize in the suitcase. You will see the amounts displayed in suitcases 1-16. The higher your bet, the higher the amount in the suitcases.
  5. Players can spin the Wheel of Fortune as many times as they like during qualification.
  6. If the player has qualified, the suitcases are loaded. You can use another wheel to multiply the amount of money from 5 to 50 times. 

The Game Show 

During the game show, a livecasino croupier opens the suitcases one after the other and out of a total of 16 suitcases, some are eliminated. Players are then presented with four Deal or No Deal offers.

  1. First, three suitcases are opened at random. The player can choose a deal and receive a specific amount of money. You can also avoid the deal and continue playing with 13 suitcases.
  2. After the player’s no deal decision, four suitcases are opened at random. The player chooses between deal and no deal once again and 9 suitcases remain in play.
  3. Finally, four more suitcases are randomly opened. Again, the player can decide on a deal or no deal. If you continue playing, five suitcases remain in the game.
  4. The fourth time you open four suitcases, leaving two in play. The player can now accept the offer of the dealer with a deal and collect the corresponding money. With no deal, the player accepts the selected suitcase.
  5. The player then receives the amount of money in the selected suitcase.

Game Strategy and Odds 

In the reload phase of the Deal or No Deal livecasino game show, players can reload the real money bet playing from 5x to 50x. You can win a maximum of 500 times the stake.

The payout percentage for Deal or No Deal is 95.42%, which is close to the industry average.

  • To win at Deal or No Deal, you must add up how much money you spend on bets each round. This includes qualifying spins and case loading spins.
  • The amount won on deal or no deal must be larger for you to make a profit in the long run.
  • The unsuccessful spins in the qualifying round do not increase the cash amounts in the suitcases. It is lost money that you must make up for in winnings.
  • The simplest strategy is to accept any deal that gives you a net profit.
  • You can make even more money with Deal or No Deal via the multiplier, i.e. by loading the suitcase. Note that for this you shouldn’t take a deal.
  • There is no guarantee that the last two suitcases will have the highest price. It is often risky to remain in the game round for so long. Remember that every deal that brings you at least twice the real money bet is worth it.

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