Welcome to this week’s installment of F2P Friday, where we highlight our favorite Free-2-Play games. The video game market is oversaturated, and sometimes, hidden gems fall through the cracks. This is where we do the digging for you and feature a new F2P game we know you will enjoy every week. Let’s dive in.

Little Man Has a Day

Little Man wakes up and doesn’t know what to do with his day. Play as Little Man and help him through the day by walking around and talking to friends (or foes) in this short and silly game about feeling “eh.”

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The Basics

Let’s get down to the basics. Little Man Has a Day is a walking simulator about Little Man wandering around his town, trying to figure out what to do with his day. You’ll visit your friends and neighbors in a hand-drawn town with a simple, appealing art style.

All actions, like walking, interacting with neighbors and reading journal entries, are intuitive and responsive. The game handles well, and I encountered no bugs during my playthrough. If you want to get all the achievements in one go, I recommend checking the list before starting the game, though the game takes less than fifteen minutes to get through. 

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Why Should I Play?

Why should you play Little Man Has a Day? If you want a short, wholesome experience, this is the game for you. This game also takes a really nice approach to complex topics like depression and social anxiety. The sounds and music for the game are simple but perfect. You can tell a lot of love and care went into the making of this game. 

Ready to step into the tiny, waddling shoes of a Little Man? You can download Little Man Has a Day from Steam for free here!


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