Fifteen years ago when the online casino industry started to boom, Aristocrat, an Australian developer of digital slot machines, paid real casino players to test new online slots before they became available at online casinos. It was a smart marketing trick to brand themselves outside of Australia by creating customer demand for “Aristocrat pokies” worldwide. Today, Aristocrat is one of the most successful companies within the industry, and being a game tester or slots game reviewer is considered an experience worthy of being mentioned on your CV. A win-win situation for everyone but in the early days, many found it laughable to imagine getting paid to play games. The same reaction many have when you talk about being paid for listening to music online. While gambling, especially playing slots, may not be something everyone is doing on a regular basis, listening to music is. Imagine getting paid for it and you realize this has to be the perfect side hustle. Most of us already enjoy listening to music and radio but before you dismiss this notion as too good to be true, consider this; the music industry is one of the most profitable entities in the world.

Music is an integral part of life and in the modern world, it has been integrated into commerce improving responsiveness in the market. It is instrumental in promotions and marketing campaigns. Catchy tunes always complement the mood and the fact that you can now make money from just listening to tunes is definitely great stuff. If we got your attention and would like to try a music listening job, here are seven of the most reliable platforms you should check out.

1.  Cash4Minutes

This site is one of the most popular, for providing music and radio fans with quick earning opportunities. All you have to do is to create an account and kickoff streaming. You will be provided with a variety of selected radio stations, which you should listen to.

As for the money, you would earn 8 cents for every whole minute of service. In addition to the pay, you could also win alternative prizes such as cryptocurrency. Even better, you may stream for as long as you want.

2.  Nielsen

This market research firm presents one of the easiest earning platforms. Nielsen has apps available for both mobile and personal computer devices. The app works in the background, tracking your music listening. Practically, you would be earning passively. The app does not dictate the type of music or artists you listen to. Instead, you would be required to listen to a normal day’s playlist. Despite the significant monthly giveaways, good work on Nielsen might see you accumulate considerable cash amounts a year, just by listening to the music of your choice. All the data collected is only intended for market study.

3.  Hit Predictor

Hit Predictor provides a way to earn by criticizing the latest music which has not yet hit the markets. But, the critics have to be constructive, failure to which you work may be considered not helpful. You have to base ratings fully on your genuine opinion.

Typically, a song would earn you 3 points. On average, you should make a point each minute. Additionally, you could earn 15 extra points for listening to more than 15 songs in a week, or earn a $5 worth gift on Amazon for listening to more than 10 songs. Unfortunately, you have to withdraw earnings by redeeming points for gift cards.

4.  PlayListPush

This is one of the highest paying sites, despite warranting huge traffic on popular music platforms. Basically, the service helps upcoming artists get the exposure they need by marketing their music to the most suitable audiences. Here is how the service works: you could easily review music to get paid, but a steady following on popular music platforms such as iTunes and Spotify would provide a more profitable opportunity.

If you have more than 400 followers to your playlists on any of the provided sites, you could earn by adding PLP’s music to your playlists. Each song would earn you $12. Remember that traffic and engagement are critical when earning this way.

5.  Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is a product review site that provides an option to review music. However, you have to be transparent, since the website goes through each to review and might detect faked general opinions. Therefore, you have to at least commit a whole minute to listen and analyze music before writing anything about it. Each review is awarded around 5-6 cents, and payment is credited to users’ PayPal accounts twice a week. However, you need to have more than $10 dollars to withdraw.

6.  MusicXray

MusicXray is a musician-fan community that helps provide analytic data to music makers. The platform allows users to create accounts, which would be categorized under fans. Firstly, the website studies your music tastes through a survey. You may then commence searching for your favorite sounds on the site.

Your main duty would be to rate the work of different artists on the platform. With a 10 cents per piece rate. You can earn more substantial incomes here than in other similar sites. Funds may be withdrawn via PayPal, although you need to reach a minimum balance of $20.

7.  Earnably Radio

If you feel like the described options have high minimum withdrawal limits, then this might be a viable option. Earnably provides users with a variety of money-earning tasks including radio listening. Through Radio Royalty, Eanably pays users to listen to the radio, which is an entertaining and rewarding experience. Listening consistency takes you through different levels, which pay differently. Also, different tasks have different reward points. You need around 113 points to make a dollar. Earnably allows withdrawal via different methods, and with a minimal amount of $2.

The digital boom during the coronavirus pandemic has provided unlimited means for entrepreneurs to venture into e-commerce, and find plausible means to promote brick and motor enterprises. There is an unlimited potential in the online market that everyone should be seriously considering to supplement their livelihoods.

If you are looking for an extra income you should know there are many more similar types of jobs to being a game tester or paid music listener, like product tester and giving feedback on the functionality of websites, all are jobs from home that don’t require any previous experience. All you need to know is how to find the jobs and we hope this article has helped you with that!