Justice League is 22 days away. And if you’re a DC fan like me – you’re apprehensive. Most of the DCEU has been filled with stinkers (with a notable exception of Wonder Woman). But after hearing this theme by Danny Elfman, I have genuine hope for the film. A theme this epic deserves a movie to match.

By the title of the song, it’s assumed that this isn’t the main theme of the film. But rather a song that plays when the heroes come together and kick some major Parademon behind. And my god, it’s a thing of beauty. I’ve listened to it on repeat for a while now because I’m just that intrigued by the themes sewn through this piece.

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For one, the song starts off a bit mysterious but seemingly victorious. It then slams into an almost bombastic rendtion of the previous melody with more instruments thrown in for good measure. It then calms and a grand choir tunes in, reminding me of The Lord of the Rings, but also reminding the audience of their God-like nature (and in one case, an actual God). The song calms even further when a music box sound chimes in, possibly referencing the infancy of their team up or the innocence of the people they save. The rest of the song builds back up to the epic scale of the melody. 

I genuinely enjoy this theme. I feel that Danny Elfman captured the monumental scale of this team up in an fantastic way. And, honestly, it’s just really great to hear more Elfman music because the man’s a musical genius. But I can’t wait to see it in action during this film! Check out the song below to give us your thoughts.

Did you like the theme or didn’t care for it? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Justice League news! The team can’t save the world alone starting on November 17th.