The second half of Apple TV and Stephen King‘s Lisey’s Story is officially underway and it is only getting darker from here. In the previous episode, Jim (Dane Dehaan) and Lisey (Julianne Moore) finally come face to face. In episode five, “The Good Brother,” Lisey uncovers memories that Scott (Clive Owen) shared with her that she swore she would never remember.

DISCLAIMER: These are recaps and, by nature, will have spoilers. If you haven’t gotten the chance to catch up on Lisey’s Story, I highly suggest you do so! It can be found here on Apple TV.

TW: Self-harm, abuse, graphic violence, child abuse

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“The Good Brother” picks up right where episode four left off with Lisey by the pool, Jim reading Scott’s papers in a hotel room and Darla (Jennifer Jason Leigh) sleeping with Amanda’s (Joan Allen) gun under her pillow. Jim finally calls Dashmiel (Ron Cephas Jones) to tell him he got Scott’s papers. When Daschmiel asks how he got them and if he hurt Lisey, Jim lies and says she just gave them to him. Daschmiel warns him to stop and that he changed his mind, but Jim won’t listen.

We are taken back to Lisey’s house, where she is still by the pool. We see the same flashback where Lisey is trying to pull Scott out of his daze. She turns on the water and as it overfills, Lisey is transported to Booya Moon. Here she finds a makeshift gravestone for Paul Landon (Clark Furlong), Scott’s older brother. Then we are thrown into another flashback and Scott and Lisey’s honeymoon. Lisey wants to know what really happened to Paul.

We learn that Scott’s dad (Michael Pitt) came home to find Paul, who seems to have gone crazy, attacking a young Scott (Sebastian Eugene Hansen). Daddy knocks Paul out, but not before he can infect Scott with the bad. Scott tries to convince Daddy not to kill Paul, but Daddy believes that Paul isn’t himself anymore and the bad has taken over. As a result, Paul was left tied up for three weeks while life went on. Scott shares with Lisey that he begged Daddy to cut him and let out the bad like before, but he wouldn’t.

Young Scott discussing Paul's fate with Daddy in Lisey's Story.

Young Scott discussing Paul’s fate with Daddy in Lisey’s Story.

We are transported back into the flashback on a day where Scott and Paul are left alone. Paul tries calling out to him, begging to be set free. He promises Scott the best bool hunt ever. Soon Daddy returns and reprimands Scott for listen to Paul. He then forces Scott to feed Paul as if he is some kind of rabid animal. Scott realizes the only way to save him is to take him to Booya Moon. Again, they make him more food, this time loaded with ketamine and knock him out.

Daddy gives Scott a needle filled with water and ketamine to protect himself against Paul if he attacks him while over on the other side. Out in the barn, Scott tries to take Paul to Booya Moon, but it isn’t working. Paul eventually wakes up and attacks Scott, which prompts Daddy to shot him. A day or so later, Scott comes out to find Paul is back to looking normal (unlike the old aged version from when he was alive) and Daddy believes it is because all the bad is finally gone.

Scott knows that he can now take Paul to Booya Moon since he can’t fight back. For the first time, we see Scott stand up to his father, who is arguing and mocking him for how he is acting. But Scott won’t back down and just before Daddy goes to strike him, the tub randomly turns on. Scott then takes Paul’s body to Booya Moon and buries him underneath Sweetheart Trees.

“The Good Brother” jumps back to Lisey standing in front of Paul’s grave, where she finds the needle. In the present, Lisey asks Scott why he is making her remember all of these things and realizes it’s to save Amanda. That she needs this information to bring her sister back into the real world. We then see another flashback after Scott and Lisey’s honeymoon, where she told him they would never talk about what happened again.

Scott telling Lisey to leave Booya Moon in Lisey's Story.

Scott telling Lisey to leave Booya Moon in Lisey’s Story.

But this time, Scott shares that the pool on Booya Moon heals and that every writer, artist or generally creative person goes to the pool to heal. But Lisey doesn’t think she can deal with what she has learned and thinks it is better for her to ignore it, bottle it up inside, and never talk about it again. So Scott tells her that if she ever needs to get to Booya Moon, remember that water is best.

In the first flashback, Lisey finally makes it to the pool to find Scott sitting by it. She tells him to squeeze her hand if he wants to go home. The others warn her that she needs to keep her voice down, or it will come. Scott tries to get her to go back, but she won’t leave him behind. As the others continue to shush her, she gets louder out of spite. Finally, the others warn her that she needs to go as well and she eventually decides to but takes the afghan with her.

We can hear the Long Boy screaming and we see a quick flashback of the time Paul was attacked. Scott gets up and follows Lisey knowing that the Long Boy is after her. Another man begins to follow them, angry at what Lisey did but gets picked up by the Long Boy. Scott tells Lisey to think of someplace at home and to take them back, but it doesn’t work. Finally, he realizes that the afghan is the anchor holding them there and tosses it to the side. This time it works and both find themselves in Scott’s office.

In the present, Lisey flashes through memories of her telling Amanda Booya Moon didn’t exist, Scott getting shot, Jim attacking her, Amanda cutting herself and many more before landing on Scott, telling her water is the way to Booya Moon. She awakes again next to her pool and makes her way back into Scott’s office. She preps a bag with papers, cigarettes and then texts Darla that she may be able to help Amanda and to come over the following night.

On her way out, she grabs the shovel and descends into the pool. “The Good Brother” comes to an end as Lisey descends further into the pool.

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For the first time in Lisey’s Story, I actually feel like I understand where things are going. Here is my theory. Scott is trying to guide Lisey into remembering the memories she has locked away. This would allow her to travel to Booya Moon to bring Amanda back from the other side. But we know that Booya Moon isn’t the safest place and I can only imagine what will happen when she reaches Booya Moon. More Long Boy? Definitely!

Now, this isn’t the first episode where I felt genuinely uncomfortable watching, but it wasn’t a joy to sit through. Honestly, there is something in every episode that gives me the creeps, but this more was different. They have touched on Scott’s childhood before but seeing what happened with his brother and how his father handled it was a whole new nightmare. It will be interesting to see if this ties into any more of the story or from here on out.

Episode six of Lisey’s Story will air on July 2, 2021, at 12 am PT on Apple TV.

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