Whew, a lot of hate out there for this season finale but seriously though? I feel that some of this hatred is misplaced. Whether you’re still angry that Matt Smith is gone or The Master is now a woman (Yes, I did see those comments) or whatever Doctor Who elitism you’re perpetrating, it was an engaging finale.

Ok, I’ll give you that this season has had it’s clunkers. You have an amazing actor as The Doctor now and I do feel he wasn’t written as well as he should have been but “Death In Heaven” was exciting and emotional for me. Yes I did cry pretty much the whole episode.

Let’s start with Michelle Gomez as Missy, holy smokes she is amazing. Crazy, evil, gorgeous. She was a lot of fun and even though she killed one of my favorite characters, Osgood, I found myself thinking man, I would love to play that! Great Cosplay for the next con at least!

Speaking of Osgood, I know she was “killed” but was she really? I’ve learned never say never with Doctor Who and in my heart I’m hoping that she comes back at some point. I don’t know how but I just don’t want to let her go.

Here we arrive at Danny Pink and Clara. Ugh…heart wrenching! She had to let him go three times! After she was ready to commit fully to him. Clara made the decision to be honest with him, to stop traveling with The Doctor and he gets hit by a car and dies! Then he becomes a Cyberman and she has to turn off his emotions, then he sacrifices himself for the sake of humanity?! It was too much and if you didn’t shed a tear you are a soulless devil-person. Also, is that it for Jenna Coleman? Did she get top billing because this was her actual good bye? I know she is going to be in The Christmas special so I’m sure I’ll cry during that as well. I wasn’t her biggest fan when she came on as the latest companion, but I’ve really learned to love Clara Oswald. Jealousy prohibits me from saying that of many of the companions. Why not a 36 year old stubborn and opinionated Texan I ask you?! Sound like a whooping good time! Think about it Mr. Moffat.

Lastly I will say that I really got excited to see Cybermen flying everywhere and attacking things. That’s the 12 year old boy I really am. Robots on a killing spree, pollenating. Cyber-pollen. Ew…

I guess what I’m saying is get over yourself. Enjoy it for what it’s worth. Know that there is room to grow and look forward to The Christmas special. Come on guys, Nick Frost is Santa Claus!!!!




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