Disney and Pixar take us to infinity and beyond with the first teaser trailer for their upcoming animated film Lightyear. It dropped early this morning and is already bringing grown adults to tears over their childhoods. Think of how you felt when Toy Story 4 was released and add in some more tears. Buzz Lightyear (originally voiced by Tim Allen) has always been my favorite of the dynamic duo. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a Space Ranger? Plus, if this film does well we might even get the chance to see the origin story for a certain cowboy.

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Lightyear is the origin story we have been waiting for. But this isn’t the toy’s origin, but the story of the man behind it—the real space ranger. Chris Evans is lending his voice to this younger Buzz and we get the chance to see a bit of it in the trailer. Of course, he doesn’t complete the catchphrase at the end, but we won’t fault him for that. This time at least. The trailer shows as Buzz preps for his trip around the sun and gives me major space launch vibes. We even get the chance to see his iconic suit!

They don’t open up too much about the story, but for someone to make a toy of you in the future, something significant is definitely going to happen. The Lightyear trailer balances the serious tones of space flight well with the comedic humor we have come to know from Pixar. It will be interesting to see where they take this origin story from here. What I am most excited about is how many easter eggs they will tie into this film. Finding them has become out of my favorite parts of watching them!

Buzzlighter is set to hit theaters on June 17, 2022, exclusively. We have dropped the trailer below for you to enjoy! What do you think of this first look? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!




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