Originally posted 6/24/21

Dead by Daylight may be a game where survivors are chased mercilessly by killers (who are only doing the entity’s bidding) but sometimes there are super wholesome moments. Like a booping the Pig’s snoot. Always boop the snoot. But, the latest wholesome moment doesn’t come from in the game but from the community itself. Over 100 members of Dead by Daylight‘s Fog Wihsperer program and partnered Twitch streamers community are coming together for a single cause – to support their friend Puppers.

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Puppers (Max) has been streaming since 2011 and has played Dead by Daylight since the game’s release back in 2016. Puppers’ infectious personality drew in more and more viewers and he eventually became a Twitch partner. In early 2020, Puppers was diagnosed with ALS. He shared that it started with just a tickle in the back of his throat. Then it progressed into slurred speech and after much testing, the doctor’s finally diagnosed him. But Puppers hasn’t let this stop him, though. He continues to stream on Twitch and spend time with his amazing community while being a light of joy in so many people’s lives.

The Light in the Fog event is a way to help spread awareness for ALS and all money raised will go directly to Puppers to help with medical care. Who could honestly ask for a better group of friends? So what can you as a viewer expect to see? Endless laughs and hooks, of course. But there is so much more. they are continuing to release more information every day! So far we can expect teams to face challenges during their matches that will surely be having us rolling in laughter. And we even have a chance to change the outcome of games with Streamloot cards.

Pay very close attention to the Light in the Fog Twitter, TikTok and website for more information on what we can expect and who will be venturing into the Fog together! The event is set to take place July 9 through the 11 on their official Twitch channel. You can learn more about how to donate to the cause here. You can also help spread the word by resharing their posts on Twitter using #LightintheFog and checking out the TikTok page!


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