I love a space adventure.  I love astronauts.  And, I love near future science fiction, so I will, most likely, love Life.

Seemingly a little bit Gravity and a little bit Alien, Life looks like a modern take on close encounters in space.  Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds (I like them both for totally professional reasons) star as astronauts on a mission to find proof of life beyond Earth.  Of course, when they complete that mission, things go horribly wrong.

Some may look at this trailer and find the story derivative.  Not me.  I find it exciting.  I don’t care if you make movies about meeting other life forms a million times.  And, if it goes wrong every time, I kind of get that.  As long as the story is told well, I’m in.  And, after seeing this trailer, I’m really looking forward to this one.

Life opens on Memorial Day, 2017.

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