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Are your days feeling a little light?  Are you in need of a little extra gravitas?  Well, Liam Neeson and Viola Davis have gravitas to spare and they may just be joining forces. Neeson is in talks to join the cast of Widows, a heist-thriller, co-written and directed by the illustrious Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave).  McQueen’s writing partner on this project is no slouch either.  She’s Gillian Flynn who wrote Gone Girl.

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I love a heist, and this news just keeps getting more exciting.  Entertainment Weekly reports that the film will be based on the 1983 British mini-series of the same name.  It tells the story of  ‘a crew of robbers who are killed in a caper gone awry, leaving their widows to finish the job.’  Yes please!


With the amount of fire and momentum this cast and crew has behind them having just won a series of awards on their recent work, let’s hope Liam Neeson joins this cast.  I don’t know if I can think of a sexier, more dramatically magnetic couple than Liam Neeson and Viola Davis.  Let’s do this!!

Widows is in pre-production, and no dates have been announced.  We’ll keep you posted.

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