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We spotted this on filmschoolrejects earlier today. It’s a proof-of-concept project called Leviathan. 

Before you watch it, the titles at the beginning are tricky to read, so here they are for you.

“By the 22nd century, Mankind has colonized many worlds. Faster than light travel was made possible by harvesting exotic matter from the eggs of the largest species mankind has ever seen. Those that take part in the hunt are mostly involuntary labor.”

Are you done with your list of excited expletives yet?

Okay. So, as proofs-of-concept go, not too bad huh?

This is a project called Leviathan and it’s brought to us by the director, Oscar Nominated Director, Ruairi Robinson. You might remember him from his live-action Akira remake from a few years back, as well as the Sci-Fi short, Blinky, which is embedded below. In short, Leviathan is “Moby Dick in Space,” but visually, it’s a bold new world.

As you can see from Leviathan and Blinky, Ruairi has an eye for a very believable futuristic aesthetic that he can juxtapose with a healthy appreciation for proper dystopian auguries. You can almost hear the corporate douchebags behind the vessels not concerned for their “involuntary labor.” In the same way, you can see Sony and Apple design teams wetting themselves over the A.I. in Blinky. Ruairi has it down.

That being said, this film could be truly great. But it needs money to get made.

The purpose of this proof of concept is to generate enough buzz that a studio gives them the funds to create their vision. So, if you want to see good sci-fi, tweet out, facebook this and instagram that, make a vine video re-enactment of the trailer. This is your call to arms Sci-Fi nerds!

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