Welcome to this week’s installment of Geek Girl Authority Crush of the Week, wherein we shine a spotlight on strong women who inspire us. This includes fictional female characters in geeky media and creators as well. These ladies are a prime example of female empowerment and how crucial it is for youth to have said example to follow.

DISCLAIMER: The following contains spoilers for the outstanding Letterkenny. So, pitter-patter (let’s get at ‘er).


Fast Facts: 

Tanis wears a camo jacket and black top while standing in a pub on Letterkenny.

Pictured: Kaniehtiio Horn as Tanis in LETTERKENNY. Photo from Letterkenny Wiki.

Tanis (Kaniehtiio Horn) is a Mohawk entrepreneur and leader of the Natives on Letterkenny. She resides on the First Nations reserve, which the Natives and townsfolk refer to as “The Rez.” In one of Tanis’s first appearances on the series, we see her selling cigarettes in Letterkenny, which she admits isn’t “politically correct.” Still, the funds support the people on the reservation.

After a few run-ins with the Hicks and messing with Reilly (Dylan Playfair) and Jonesy (Andrew Herr), Tanis grows closer to Wayne (Jared Keeso). The pair embark on a steamy, on-again, off-again relationship. Eventually, the duo decides to remain friends.

Later, Tanis tries to buy the Kerry County Eagles hockey team after coming into a significant inheritance. She assembles a team to take on the Eagles in a wager with the Native coach, stating that she will seize control of the Eagles if she wins. So, Tanis reorganizes and re-assembles the defunct Letterkenny Irish. Even though she loses, the Native coach offers Tanis the task of running the in-game show. 

Then, Tanis creates an energy drink called NDN NRG. However, Emma (Vanessa Matsui), the representative for the energy drink BROdude, notes the logo looks like BROdude’s, and the beverage tastes like it, too. Thankfully, Tanis and Emma decide to partner for a new drink: Skodude, a collaboration between NDN NRG and BROdude. Even better — they start dating. 

Tanis sends Shoresy (also Keeso) north to play for her cousin’s team, the Sudbury Bulldogs, at the end of Season 10, kickstarting the events of the Letterkenny spinoff, Shoresy

The Real Deal: 

Tanis is the real deal. She’s as tough as they come, with a no-nonsense attitude and keen intelligence in equal measure. Tanis doesn’t suffer fools, but she also exhibits kindness when necessary. She’s immensely loyal and works hard to provide for the folks on the reservation. 

Tanis possesses sharp business acumen, partaking in a few financial ventures throughout her time on Letterkenny. She’s not afraid to take risks, fearlessly forging ahead and claiming the life she wants. 

In addition, Tanis never presents a façade, always being herself and living honestly in that manner. She’s bitingly funny, deliciously witty and fast with the quippy comebacks. She’s not afraid to love who she loves as a bisexual woman. Love is love is love is love!

Why She Matters: 

Tanis wears blue earrings while standing outside and staring off-camera in Letterkenny.

Pictured: Kaniehtiio Horn as Tanis in LETTERKENNY. Photo from Letterkenny Wiki.

Tanis is a multifaceted Native bisexual woman who provides much-needed representation in entertainment. Her power, tenacity and intellect are admirable, and she’s a great role model for young kids looking to see themselves onscreen. Tanis is a bona fide badass. Who wouldn’t want to be her when they grow up?

So, be like Tanis. Be bold. Stand fearlessly and assuredly in your power. Love who you love with unadulterated passion. Always be quick with the fast-paced comebacks (it is Letterkenny, after all). Oh, and never shy away from putting the Hockey Players and Hicks in their respective places. 

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