DISCLAIMER: This recap of the Letterkenny season premiere episode, “Chips,” contains spoilers. Figure it out, bud, and proceed at your peril. 

How’re ya now? Good, ‘n you? Everyone’s favorite show about small-town problems is back and better than ever. “Chips” easily falls in my top 10 list. It’s a return to form for Letterkenny. The jokes are clever, the physical gags are top tier and the simple premise makes me laugh just thinking about it. Perhaps it’s the sheer relatability of it — we’ve all become engrossed in passionate debates about inane topics. I’d argue those are the best debates to have. 

Only Letterkenny can pull off something like this. The writers inject high stakes into an incredibly low-stakes topic to hilarious perfection. The more dramatic the group’s fishbowl discussion became, the funnier it was. As for the B plot, I’m glad we’re revisiting characters like Ron and Dax. We also didn’t get nearly enough Glen last season, so his appearance in “Chips” is a welcome one.

Side note: Glen reminds me of Dean Pelton from Community. Not only because of their ambiguous sexuality (well, Glen’s is more defined, just not outright addressed, which is perfectly fine), but their mannerisms are similar. I now want Jim Rash to guest star as his character, so these two can meet. 

Ready to delve into “Chips”? Let’s get to it. 

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After a simple cold open featuring Wayne (Jared Keeso) and Daryl (Nathan Dales), we visit MoD3an’s, wherein Squirrely Dan (K. Trevor Wilson) delivers exciting news to the aforementioned two along with Rosie (Clark Backo), Gail (Lisa Codrington) and Katy (Michelle Mylett). They can design their own chips! The skids, Stewart (Tyler Johnston) and Roald (Evan Stern), are hot on Squirrely D’s heels. 

Glen wears a bike helmet, backpack and biking gloves while standing in the gym and looking thoughtful in Letterkenny Season 11 Episode 1, "Chips."

Letterkenny — “Chips” – Season 11 Episode 1 — Glen (Jacob Tierney), shown. (Photo by: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu)

They learn more about what they can use to design their chips. Unfortunately, all dressed isn’t included. That’s a Canadian staple! The group discusses how friendships are formed around chip bowls like Americans have their water coolers as a pivotal friend-forming locale. Chip-related passions reach a fever pitch. Wayne’s so fired up he’s got sweat rollin’ down the small of his back and into his ass crack. It’s that serious. But first, they must submit to the company what they believe is the best chip flavor. Thus, Wayne calls forth a fishbowl discussion to determine just that. 

Meanwhile, Ron (James Daly) and Dax (Gregory Waters) are working out at the Letterkenny gym. My gym gays are back! Reilly (Dylan Playfair) and Jonesy (Andrew Herr) join our fave husbands. Glen (Jacob Tierney) appears in a bike helmet and gloves. He’s still wearing a button-down shirt and tie, so he’s not quite there regarding the workout garb. The chat turns to gay porn stars and how Glen aspires to achieve that porn star physique. Hey, they’re his fitspo inspo! Ron and Daxy get it. 

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Our hockey players question Glen’s sexuality without addressing it point-blank, but Glen doesn’t quite pick up what they’re putting down. He whips out a porn mag, Hard Jobs, and proceeds to display the steamy centerfolds within, claiming their hardened bodies are his muscular inspiration. Tierney is so damn funny in this scene. I’ve missed Glen too. 

Later, ole Gailer moderates the chip fishbowl discussion, with our hicks and skids sitting front and center. They pick apart each standard chip flavor, starting with “regular” or, as Dary calls it, “classic.” Dary delivers a moving monologue about what classic chips mean to him and the frequent sleepovers he and Wayne had as kids where they’d create their own chips. Tensions rise significantly when we learn about the other flavor they’d use: salt and vinegar. That opens a whole new can of worms (Pringles). Dary gets so worked up that he needs air. 

Squirrely Dan, Gail and Katy sit next to each other in a bar while engaged in passionate conversation in Letterkenny Season 11 Episode 1, "Chips."

Letterkenny — “Chips” – Season 11 Episode 1 — Dan (K. Trevor Wilson), Gail (Lisa Codrington) and Katy (Michelle Mylett), shown. (Photo by Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu)

Meanwhile, STRT (Roald’s pronunciation of Stewart) and Squirrely Dan argue about the inconsistencies of salt and vinegar chips. Dan gets so worked up that he needs air. Gail struggles to keep the peace among this group of ardent chip lovers. Jonesy and Reilly approach Glen while he’s stretching with Ron and Daxy. They apologize to him for poking their noses in his private business. However, the conversation, once again, veers toward Glen’s preferences. 

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Glen doubles down on his reasoning for researching gay porn stars. Knowledge is power, for one. Secondly, it all circles back to that fitspo inspo, right? Glen rattles off porn scenarios he seeks out for purely educational purposes. When the conversation gets too awkward, Reilly and Jonesy slink away for a second time. Whatever happened to ferda boys? 

Then, Squirrely Dan returns refreshed from his brief jaunt outdoors. Gail moderates a debate between Roald and Rosie regarding the Pringles elephant in the room. The back-and-forth inexplicably hones in on privilege and family packs, which is genius in my book. Wayne encourages Katy to join the discussion. He regales the group with a tale of their younger years when he would pick Katy up from work with some chips in tow. It reminds me of those emotional Christmas Coca-Cola commercials. Wayne and Katy get so worked up that they need air. 

Later, Jonesy and Reilly reunite with Glen, Ron and Dax. The hockey bros try to engage in another chat about Glen’s obsession with porn star physiques while acknowledging it’s none of their business. All the guys agree to join Glen in expanding their gay porn star knowledge. Glen mentions how he receives regular prostate exams from men who aren’t doctors, so he asks my gym husbands if they’re willing to take one for the team in the name of his prostate health. Ferda boys! 

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After everyone gets so worked up that they need air, Gail reconvenes the fishbowl chip discussion. Next on the salty docket: ketchup chips. Uh-oh. This one strikes a collective nerve, as Gail finds herself unable to control the crowd. But she has those commanding gestures! The only interruption that could stop this group in their tracks is Bonnie McMurray. Oh, wait…

Reilly and Jonesy stand side by side at the gym while shrugging their shoulders in Letterkenny Season 11 Episode 1, "Chips."

Letterkenny — “Chips” – Season 11 Episode 1 — Reilly (Dylan Playfair) and Jonesy (Andrew Herr), shown. (Photo by: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu)

Bonnie McMurray (Kamilla Kowal) saunters into the room with a bag of all dressed chips. Everyone gawks at her in silence. The crew decides to abandon their chip-designing endeavor. They settle on all dressed being the best flavor on the market. We see the formerly vehement chip defenders mend fences. Talk of pickle chips resurfaces, and Katy broaches the subject of caesar-flavored (like the drink) chips. Oh, I can get on board with that. 

Bonnie notes that nobody’s tending to the bar, so that’s an issue. She’s also wondering what the ever-loving f*ck is going on. I’m not sure I know myself, but I’m all for passionate debates over potato chips. 

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“Chips” is a solid season opener for Letterkenny. It’s delightfully quirky, whip-smart and entertaining. Everyone fires on all comedic cylinders. My, how I’ve missed this show. I’m adding this episode to my rewatch rotation because I know there are lines and gags I missed the first time around. 

Pitter-patter — there’s still more Letterkenny to watch, so let’s get at’er!

Letterkenny Season 11 is now streaming on Hulu

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