DISCLAIMER: This recap of Letterkenny Season 11 Episode 7, “May 2-4,” contains spoilers, but you already knew that because this is a recap. Figure it out, bud, and proceed at your peril. 

How’re ya now? Good, ‘n you? Letterkenny blessed us with a surprise episode this week. “May 2-4” provides 20ish minutes of breezy and fun escapism and a good lesson in international diplomacy. If there’s one thing Australians and Kiwis can unite over, at least according to this outing, it’s poking fun at Americans. And hey, we deserve more than a light ribbing. 

Written by Trevor Risk and directed by Jacob Tierney, “May 2-4” is a nice low-stakes palate cleanser compared to some of the more intense TV fare out there right now. Sometimes, you only need something light to watch that garners a chuckle or two. 

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We open with the hicks celebrating the May Long Weekend, aka May Long, aka May 2-4, aka Victoria Day. Wayne (Jared Keeso), Katy (Michelle Mylett), Squirrely Dan (K. Trevor Wilson) and Daryl (Nathan Dales) sit outside on the farm with drinks in hand. Gail (Lisa Codrington) joins the gang with Shawny (Dayton Sinkia), of Johnny, Shawny and Jaker fame. You might also recall the other fellas with him: Matty, Patty and Blaker. We last saw him in the Season 9 premiere, “American Buck and Doe.” Shawny tells the hicks that their May Long Weekend isn’t that far off from Memorial Day in the States. 

But don’t even think about celebrating Victoria Day without McMurray (Dan Petronijevic) and Mrs. McMurray (Melanie Scrofano). No Bonnie McMurray, unfortunately. Naturally, the McMurrays are already good and soused. They impart facts regarding Queen Victoria and her long reign. I love that the episode provides captions for Mrs. McMurray when her speech gets particularly slurred. Shawny asks the gang if his underaged American cousints can drink with them for the day. 

Daryl and Katy clink their beer bottles together in a toast while sitting outside in Letterkenny Season 11 Episode 7, "May 2-4."

Letterkenny — “May 2-4” — Season 11 Episode 7 — Daryl (Nathan Dales) and Katy (Michelle Mylett), shown. (Photo: Courtesy of Hulu)

Now, the McMurrays and hicks have some news to share. McMurray’s cousints from New Zealand, Amelia and her hubby Liam, are visiting for the first time. As luck would have it, Wayne and Katy’s cousint from Australia, Olivier, is also visiting with his wife Piper for the first time. They should all become besties because they reside in neighboring countries (well, as Gail reminds them incessantly, Australia’s a continent). Diddly-dang-dang-doo!

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Meanwhile, Stewart (Tyler Johnston) and Roald (Evan Stern) ask Reilly (Dylan Playfair) and Jonesy (Andrew Herr) what they’ve got. What do they got, I wonder? The hockey players present their fireworks arsenal courtesy of “Unsettling Sky Demons.” That’s an excellent name for a fireworks company. STRT (Stewart’s Christian name) and Roald laugh at their paltry, innocuous débitage. There are three classes of fireworks in Canada, and the hockey players only have class one, or “consumer.” The skids wow them with their class two collection and large “volcableberry.” 

However, neither group compares to Glen’s (Tierney) Special Effects Pyrotechnics. He’s a class three firework virtuoso. An aficionado. An adroit pyrotechnic wizard in a fire proximity suit. Oh, and if anyone wants to get inside his suit, it “sleeps two.” I love Glen. 

Reilly and Jonesy pound their fists together and smile while standing outside in Letterkenny Season 11 Episode 7, "May 2-4."

Letterkenny — “May 2-4” — Season 11 Episode 7 — Jonesy (Andrew Herr) and Reilly (Dylan Playfair), shown. (Photo by: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu)

Next, Wayne, Katy and Squirrely D greet Oliver (Morgan David Jones) and Piper (Jorja Cadence), who arrives after a 36-hour flight from Straya. They talk about how there’s no takeaway in Letterkenny, but they found food courtesy of the Mennonites. Squirrely doesn’t understand what they’re saying. To be fair (to be faaair), I probably wouldn’t either if I didn’t have captions on which to rely. Even then, I’m mostly going by context clues. 

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After admitting he is, quite frankly, crestfallen at the sight of their débitage, Glen tells the quartet his queer backstory (his words) regarding his fireworks journey. Did he go to fireworks school? Duh-doy, of course he did because there are thousands of fireworks schools around the globe. It started with his incredible coloring abilities at seven and ended with an explosion in shop class. At one point, he was asked to become a Navy Seal due to his skeet-shootin’ skills. Glen’s lived a colorful life. Glen tells the gang they can combine their resources to create something spectacular for May 2-4. 

Glen wears a fire proximity suit while standing outside in Letterkenny Season 11 Episode 7, "May 2-4."

Letterkenny — “May 2-4” — Season 11 Episode 7 — Glen (Jacob Tierney), shown. (Photo by: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu)

Meanwhile, the McMurrays greet Amelia (Caitlin Leathley) and Liam (Temapare Hodson) after their journey from New Zealand. Their trek to Wayne and Katy’s house sounds similar to the Australians — they stopped at the Mennonites for some grub. Leave it to the Dycks to provide sustenance, once. 

Gailer reunites with Oliver and introduces Shawny to the Australians. Then, the moment of truth arrives: the Australians and Kiwis meet. Naturally, they trade insults and pop culture-themed barbs. Piper tells them to go back to Hobbit Land. There’s a Flight of the Conchords jab. Both groups insult the other’s country-specific music preferences. It gets ugly. The hicks simply watch the display. Squirrely Dan still doesn’t understand a word they say. 

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Next, the hockey players and skids quiz Glen on fireworks trivia while he sets up their display. You can’t pull the wool over his eyes — he graduated from fireworks school, pyro tech cum laude. The Australians and Kiwis continue arguing until Shawny’s American cousints (Aurora Gatwenzi, Kayden Beairsto) arrive. I love how the Americans sound like Valley girls. The two warring groups temporarily join forces to poke fun at the Americans by plying them with alcohol. They know they can drink said Americans under the table. 

So, that’s precisely what happens. We see the Kiwis and Australians give Shawny’s American cousints shot after shot. That evening, we see the Americans passed out while the Australians and Kiwis enjoy each other’s company. The hicks celebrate a successful day. After the skids and hockey players trickle over to the main group, Glen reveals it’s time to watch the show.

The hicks, skids and hockey players gather at night to watch a fireworks display in Letterkenny Season 11 Episode 7, "May 2-4."

Letterkenny — “May 2-4” — Season 11 Episode 7 — (Photo by: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu)

Everyone gathers for a gorgeous fireworks display. Wayne asks Glen why he knows how to do all this. Fireworks school, Waaaheen. Duh. I love that Glen leans his head on Wayne’s shoulder, and Wayne reluctantly allows it. It’s May 2-4, after all. 

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I love the running joke that Reilly and Jonesy mispronounce “big words,” along with Glen’s fireworks shenanigans. Glen never fails to make me laugh. His scenes with the skids and hockey players are some of my favorites in general. Melanie Scrofano plays drunk so well. It’s nice to see the return of Shawny.

As for the Australians versus Kiwis battle, it’s fun, although I had to rewatch it a few times to absorb everything (as a dumb American). I think their scenes were a tad too long and took too much away from our main cast; however, I loved their teaming up to tease the Americans. I also dig the joke that Squirrely D can’t understand them, especially since I imagine some folks feel the same way about him. 

What stood out to you in this episode? Do you have any favorite quotes? Sound off in the comments below! 

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