DISCLAIMER: This recap of Letterkenny episode “Mitzvah” contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, well … get at’er!

“Mitzvah” finds our resident Letterkenny Jocks at a swiping crossroads: they’ve slammed just about every girl on every app. What are two hockey players to do when in dire straits? Why, meet a Jewish man and learn all about Judaism, of course! That way they can join JSwipe and broaden their religious horizons via yet another dating app. Wheel, snipe, celly, boys! Wayne and the crew do “brunch” at MoD3an’s, and there’s definitely no shortage of brunch opinions. “Mitzvah” is classic Letterkenny complete with a never-ending downpour of puns. Puns are punny. 

Time to quit dillydallying. Let’s jump right into “Mitzvah.”

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The plot!

Now, the episode starts with a superb cold open. Wayne (Jared Keeso) and Rosie (Clark Backo) meet with Squirrelly Dan (K. Trevor Wilson) and his new beau Ellen (Lily Gao) for drinks. Prior to Ellen’s arrival, Dan warns Wayne and Rosie about Ellen’s predilection for sexual talk. He urges them to steer clear of it. Only “regular” conversation. No embellishments or creative wordplay. Ellen arrives, and she asks Wayne and Rosie if they like beer. Naturally, the couple goes against Dan’s wishes and launches into a pun-filled conversation about beer, using different brands of beer as the puns. Gailer (Lisa Codrington) moseys on over to the couples’ table and proceeds to have a beer-pun-laden discussion about pap smears with Ellen. Ellen holds her own, too. God, this show is brilliant. It’s a writer’s dream. 

Later, Wayne, Katy (Michelle Mylett), Dan, Rosie and Daryl (Nathan Dales) suffer from the aftereffects of copious amounts of booze together. “Hungover” is the mood, folks. Gailer is hosting brunch at MoD3an’s, which gives our group the willies, but they could put away some grub right about now. 

Meanwhile, Reilly (Dylan Playfair) and Jonesy (Andrew Herr) learn that beer hockey league practice is canceled for the day. Coach (Mark Forward) asks them to go for drinks with him, but our Jocks could make better use of their time. Maybe get some big-city slams? Uh oh! They’ve been with almost every girl in Letterkenny and on the apps. What are they to do now? A man named Avi Goldstein waltzes in with a hockey bag. He reveals that a dating app called JSwipe exists, which is where Jewish singles can mingle. Additionally, he tells them all about the benefits of going with a Jewish girl and offers to teach them the basics of Judaism so they can impress said girls. The boys are back in the game!

Still of Dylan Playfair and Andrew Herr in Letterkenny episode "Mitzvah."

Letterkenny — “Mitzvah” – Episode 904 — The hockey players learn about Judaism. Reilly (Dylan Playfair), Jonesy (Andrew Herr), shown. (Photo By Amanda Matlovich)

Next, we see Stewart (Tyler Johnston) and Roald (Evan Stern) basking in paradise in Stewart’s mom’s basement. Skid central! Stewart can’t recall the last time they had sustenance. The Skids crave sustenance! Well, beyond drugs. So they mosey on down MoD3an’s for Gailer’s brunch spectacular. 

Then, the Skids run into the Hicks at MoD3an’s for brunch. The Hicks proceed to hurl insults at Stewart and Roald. Stewart “dodges them The Matrix-style,” but they ricochet off him and onto Roald. How cruel! Stewart carries Roald out of MoD3an’s, utterly deprived of brunch.

Meanwhile, the Hicks are stuffed to the gills thanks to Gailer’s brunch. Stewart and Roald return. They also partake in brunch, but now they plan on dashing on the bill. Wayne and Rosie head off for a “nap” while Katy, Daryl and Dan go home to watch Twister. Jimmy Dickens (Alex McCooeye) appears and Gail is ready to ride that cowboy to the rodeo. The Skids observe all this as it unfolds because that’s what they do. Besides drugs, of course.

Next, Avi has a dry-erase board riddled with crucial knowledge regarding Judaism. Judaism 101, if you will. Reilly and Jonesy are enthralled. Now they can impress all the Jewish babes! Avi acknowledges them as honorary members of the Jewish faith. Now, the Jocks must take that knowledge to JSwipe. 

Later, Avi finds the boys with a bunch of young hockey players. He’s impressed that they’ve taken said young hockey players under their collective wing. But then Avi spots the players’ attractive mothers. Reilly and Jonesy are no longer interested in JSwipe — they’ve got everything they need here. Wheel, snipe, celly. 

Joke highlights!

“Mitzvah” is rife with top-tier jokes and callbacks. I really like Stewart and Roald’s bit with the Hicks. How Stewart pretended to “dodge” the insults a la Keanu Reeves in a certain sci-fi film, but they end up “hitting” Roald instead. It’s so overdramatic. Wayne refers to Stewart as “spare parts,” which is another fun Wayne dig. The cold open has me in stitches with all the beer brand puns. Then, the bit is elevated to the next level when Ellen and Gailer utilize beer brand puns to talk about pap smears. Genius. 

Additionally, I love all the name puns in Reilly, Jonesy and Avi’s scenes. Avi referring to himself as “Avenged SevenGold” like the band Avenged Sevenfold and “The Gold and the Beautiful.” Another gag that’s pervasive throughout the episode occurs four times. Reilly and Jonesy talk about how there’s a shortage of ninjas in China and Reilly asks if they should go. Bonnie McMurray (Kamilla Kowal) reveals that there’s a shortage of Victoria’s Secret models and Gailer asks if they should go. Stewart tells Roald that Ibiza has a shortage of deejays, and the latter asks if they should go. Lastly, Daryl informs the group that there’s a shortage of rodeo clowns at the county stampede. Katy nods toward Stewart and Roald and says that they should go. It’s a brilliant gag, and I love that Katy flips it around by the end.

Still of Evan Stern and Tyler Johnston in Letterkenny episode "Mitzvah."

Letterkenny — “Mitzvah” – Episode 904 — The hockey players learn about Judaism. Roald (Evan Stern), Stewart (Tyler Johnston), shown. (Photo By Amanda Matlovich)

That’s a Texas-sized 10-4, good buddy!

Overall, “Mitzvah” is a fantastic installment. It’s full of everything Letterkenny fans love: clever wordplay, biting jokes and puns aplenty. All the puns. Brilliantly executed. This episode is not spare parts.

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