Pitter-patter … let’s get at ‘er with the holiday shopping! ‘Tis the season for gift-giving. If you’ve got a Letterkenny lover in your life, you might be struggling on the idea front. What do you buy someone who’s an avid fan of one of the cleverest comedies of all time (not hyperbole)? 

Below, you’ll find a gift guide for all the Waynes, Daryls, Squirrely Dans and Katys in your life. Perhaps a few ideas for the Roalds, Glens and Stewarts (pronounced “STRT”) in your circle. Maybe even some for the Reillys and Jonesys right after they crush some sandos. 

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Photo of a white Letterkenny t-shirt featuring the Puppers beer logo.

Someone get this Letterkenny fan a Puppers! Etsy seller ThreadAlive sells a t-shirt perfect for any hick, skid or hockey player in your crew. As you can see in the photo above, it’s a white tee featuring the Puppers Premium Lager logo. If that isn’t the cure for what ails them, this Pitter Patter t-shirt from Redbubble might do the trick. Or perhaps this shirt for the Waynes in your life who set healthy boundaries? I suggest you let that one marinate

This classic Letterkenny Irish tee isn’t just ferda boys, but, to be fair, this ugly Christmas sweater t-shirt is probably best worn around the holidays. And don’t forget this Bonnie McMurray shirt that’ll keep your hick, skid or hockey player entranced and smitten all night long. 


A wooden sign that says "Fresh Sushis + Sashimis" as seen in the TV show Letterkenny.

If your Letterkenny fan finds a soulmate in Squirrely Dan and (allegedlys) enjoys some fresh sushis and sashimis, this sign is for them, as seen in Season 3 Episode 1, “Sled Shack.” It’ll be a joke that flies under the radar for anyone not in the know, but it makes for a great conversation piece. Maybe your hockey player derives inspiration from their ever-effusive Coach like the one pictured here. This signage features the Coach yelling, “F*cking embarrassing.” Kicked trashcan not included. 

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Here’s an adorable handmade mini print with a goose and the text “You got a problem with Canada Gooses, you got a problem with me.” It’s ideal for any on-the-go Canada Goose lover who takes disrespect directed at those majestic creatures as a slight against their character. And if your hick needs reminding of all the work to be done around the farm, this chorin’ sign with the Letterkenny logo is a great fandom-related reminder. 

Ferda Beverages

Letterkenny mug featuring Wayne with his most popular quotes encircling him.

The above mug is a grand gift for the Wayne in your life who has a catchphrase for everything. For the Wayne who frequently tells those around them to sort themselves out and that they wish you weren’t so awkward, bud. To be fair, any other present would be second best. If your bud is into something harder than a Puppers, perhaps a Gus N’ Bru whiskey shot glass is more their speed. 

This Shoresy mug is perfect for your favorite chirping, Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs-playing hockey player who relishes getting Reilly and Jonesy all worked up. Oh, and what about this Texas-sized 10-4 mug, good buddy?

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There you have it — a Letterkenny gift guide that’s sure to keep your loved one happy as a clam. What’s on your holiday shopping list this year? Sound off in the comments below! 

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