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Comic Book Apocalypse: Exploring the Graphic World of Jack Kirby
Cal State Northridge Art Gallery
Main Gallery and West Gallery Hours:
Mon-Sat: Noon to 4. Thurs Noon to 8

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Not being snarky with the Hoboken thing – it’s where his foundation museum is located

Three arty things in one post. First, over at Cal State Northridge at the Northridge Art Center we have a Jack Kirby show. This retrospective covers the work of the man who helped bring us The Avengers and the Marvel Universe. It’s the biggest retrospective of his work ever outside of Hoboken!

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When Groot was a baddie

If free feels just too good to be true for this show, then please consider a donation to The Hero Initiative. A not for profit that helps comic creators in need. The Success Stories page is inspirational.

By the way, he helped create Groot. πŸ™‚


Second, there’s this show:

Dismaland Contributor – Jeff Gillette

Did you make it to Banksy’s Dismaland? Just over a grand to fly to Bristol Airport then catch a bus to Weston-Super-Mare. I have to give this to them: Gate tickets are a paltry three to five pounds ($4.50 to $7.50) AND you get to see great musical guests. Pussy Riot and De La Soul played last week.

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Even if you’re up for it though, there’s a small catch. It’s been completely sold out for weeks. And it closed Sunday.

However, one of the Dismaland contributors and his also-artist wife, Laurie Hassold, live right here in the greater LA area. And he has a gallery show featuring his work coming up. He’s been working on Disney inspired pieces for years under the title β€œDismayland”

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The Gabba Gallery
Opens Saturday October 3. Runs through the 24th
In collaboration with three other artists
3126 Beverly Blvd

And number Three!

la live talks

A fun little add on: Live Talks LA is a series of conversations that happen all over L.A. The interviewers are often equally as fascinating as the subject. October features Penn Jillette talking with Richard Dawkins (totally sold out – boo). But we also have Moby chatting with Shepard Fairey October 6 at the Herb Alpert Educational Village (I want to go to there) and an evening with Terry Gilliam on October 19th. That one is in Glendale at The Alex Theater on Brand Blvd.

Or you can catch up on all the Live Talk LA chatty chats for free via itunes.

I love this time of year. I’m exhausted.

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