It’s Mother’s Day! Today is the day where we celebrate and thank our moms and mother figures. And as gamers, we also wanted to celebrate these incredible moms who appear in some of our favorite games. They are the ones who support us, who offer words of encouragement, who protect us from harm. These moms also contribute to the memorable experiences we have in these games by creating a nurturing and loving connection with our characters (in their own unique ways).

Let’s take a look at these seven exceptional moms.

Mom (Pokemon Franchise)

Video Game Moms: Pokemon Mom

This is a mom that needs no introduction! There is no mom like a Pokemon trainer’s mom. She appears in every iteration of the game going back to the beginning in Pokemon Red and Blue. While we only get to interact with them at the beginning of our journey and during visits home, she plays a major role in our quest to be the greatest trainer there ever was. Whenever we return home, she makes sure that we have a good night’s rest and all our Pokemon are healed up before leaving. She also takes time out of her day to check up on us and send care packages while we are on the road. From the very beginning, our mom is encouraging us to go out into the world and achieve our dreams even though she is going to miss us immensely.

Yennefer of Vengerberg (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Video Game Moms: Yennefer

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt‘s Yennefer is not technically Cirilla’s mother. Ciri’s birth mother was Princess Pavetta Fiona Elen, who died at sea not long after Ciri was born. Ciri was later entrusted to the care of Geralt of Rivia, who became the adoptive father to his “child of surprise”. Nevertheless, Yennefer has often looked after Ciri as her ward. Which makes sense from a parenting perspective: who better to keep your adoptive daughter safe than a highly capable sorceress? As the lover of Geralt, the trio has formed a nice family dynamic, with Yennefer taking on a strong maternal role. Whether or not Ciri sees Yennefer as her new mother, Yennefer absolutely considers Ciri to be her daughter. When the Lodge of Sorceresses tried to recruit Ciri in order to advance their political agenda, Yennefer was vocally opposed to it. Whenever Ciri is in danger, Yennefer does whatever she can to rescue the girl and keep Ciri safe from harm. Yennefer is so loyal to Ciri that she was willing to ally herself with Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, solely because the Nilfgaardians were her best chance at tracking her as the Wild Hunt pursued Ciri. Yennefer may not be Ciri’s biological mother, but she would tear apart anything and anyone who stood between the two of them.

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Flemeth (Dragon Age: Origins)

Video Game Moms: Flemeth

Morrigan is one of the companions that The Warden can travel with in their quest to stop the Fifth Blight. But it is Morrigan’s mother, Flemeth of Highever, who truly grabs the player’s attention. Having lived for over six centuries, Flemeth often appears in Fereldan tales. The Chasind barbarians know her as “Mother of Vengeance”, the Dalish elves refer to her as “Asha’bellanar” (Elvish for “Woman of Many Years”), and Alistair calls her “The Old Hag Who Talks Too Much”. Flemeth is the mother of the “Witches of the Wilds” and a literal monster. Morrigan claims that she’s never met any of her supposed sisters, and later learns why: Flemeth has survived for so long because she possesses her daughters’ bodies (a process not unlike what the archdemon does with other darkspawn). The Warden can aid Morrigan in trying to kill Flemeth to prevent this. Flemeth’s response is to turn into a dragon. Yeah, that’s right: a man-eating, fire-breathing *DRAGON*. Regardless of whether Flemeth is dealt with, she manages to survive and reappear in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Flemeth explains that “a soul cannot be forced upon the unwilling” and that her previous daughters all volunteered to be possessed. Flemeth carries the spirit of not a demon, but a god: Mythal. Far from the vengeful mage she often can be, Flemeth truly and deeply cares about her daughter. Above all, Flemeth wishes to give Morrigan power and keep her children safe from harm.

Naru (Ori and the Blind Forest)

Video Game Moms: Naru

Naru is the embodiment of maternal selflessness. We are introduced to her at the beginning of Ori and the Blind Forest, where she finds the unconscious little body of our hero, Ori. Instead of leaving Ori to fend for himself, she takes him in and cares for him, essentially becoming Ori’s foster mother. In cutscenes from the Definitive Edition of Ori and the Blind Forest, we learn that Naru has always had a connection got the Spirit Tree’s children, so it makes sense that she would want to protect Ori. Through a montage of scenes, we see how Naru and Ori bond as they live a peaceful life in the forest of Nibel. The love she has for Ori is the reason why everything that happens in the beginning greatly affects us. Even as the forest withered and decayed, she did everything she could to provide for Ori…even giving him the last piece of fruit.

Ness’ Mom (Earthbound)

Video Game Moms: Ness' Mom

Earthbound is a classic RPG worthy of any gamer’s time. As Ness, you travel from town to town in an effort to stop the invading Giygas. Along the way you make new friends, Paula, Jeff, and Poo, who all join your party. But what is great about Earthbound is Ness’ mom, who stays in their house in Onett. Every so often Ness has to call his mom, or else he gets homesick. Homesickness in the game can affect Ness’ attack ability in battle. Knowing that her son is out in the world, she makes it a point to give him advice, compliments, and encouragement when he interacts with her. She even covers for him when the teacher calls. Any time Ness returns home, his mom is there to make him a steak and tells him to go to bed. She is the most caring mother a young, adventuring boy could ask for.

Mom (The Animal Crossing Series)

Video Game Moms: Animal Crossing

Throughout your adventures in the Animal Crossing series, there is one person who always supports you, sends you gifts, and even offers you anecdotes about life: your Mom. During the game, you will periodically receive letters from your Mom. These letters range from silly slice of life stories to little reminders of support. Moreover, they are often accompanied by a variety of gifts. As a kid, these messages just seemed silly and sweet. However, as an adult, these letters take on a different meaning. Being away from loved ones can often be tough, especially when you’re on your own. But simple acts, like sweet check-in letters, remind us of those that genuinely care about us. And I know I am not the only player who has been choked up by the letters in this game. No matter who you are, your Mom in Animal Crossing will always support you on your journeys. No matter what.


Toriel (Undertale)

Video Game Moms: Toriel

One of the most memorable mothers from the last decade of gaming is Toriel from Undertale. Upon your descent into the Underground, Toriel is there to guide you, protect you, and even provides you with the tutorials of the game. Likewise, she even goes as far as to offer you a room and the safety of a home. As you dive further into the game, you later realize why this is. Despite her kindness, love, and strength, Toriel was not able to protect her previous children. Now, with a new child in the Underground, she is determined to make sure that you do not suffer the same fate. Despite being a monster, Toriel is one of the most human characters of the game. She’s a strong mother, cracks jokes, loves unconditionally, and makes a mean butterscotch pie. If we ever ended up in the Underground, we’d be more than happy spending the rest of our days with a Mom like her. 

Did you favorite video game mom make the list? If not, let us know in the comments or on social media!

Additional contributors: Emily Jacobson, Tyler Boyce, Julia Roth


This article was originally posted on Mother’s Day 5/10/20



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