Kit Harington will host SNL this Saturday.  And, no one is more excited than Leslie Jones.  In a hilarious promo for this week’s show, Jones puts Harington into her own personal Westeros and we all benefit.  Need a laugh?  You got it. 

Jones has a rich imagination.  She’s got a bubble wrap wall and a puppet ice dragon, a funko pop night king, some decent make up and costumes… sort of.  She is, at the same time, Hodor, Daenerys, Viserion, and that ‘shame’ Septa.  Kit Harington is at her will, until he realizes that they’re not doing anything for the show.  It’s just for Leslie.  It’s great and short and a nice little laugh in your day.  And, whoever built that Dragonstone throne out of cardboard deserves an award.  It’s awesome.  

The crowning achievement of the promo is the theme song she sings at the end.  It made me laugh out loud every time I watched it.  Check it out!  

Kit Harington will host SNL on Saturday, April 6th with musical guest, Sarah Bareilles.

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