Game of Thrones somehow feels like a distant memory. Some liked the way it ended. I had mixed feelings. Sometimes I think that maybe the end of the series was, for the creators, sort of like when you know you’re boyfriend is going to break up with you… you know it’s ending… so you start to do dumb and destructive stuff so that it doesn’t hurt so much when it’s over. Right? I think Cersei’s death is one of those dumb and destructive things that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss did to numb their pain. Lena Headey seems to agree.  

In an interview with The Guardian this week, Headey addressed Cersei’s death and her opinion of it. She said, “I will say I wanted a better death,” and “Obviously you dream of your death. You could go in any way on that show. So I was kind of gutted. But I just think they couldn’t have pleased everyone. No matter what they did, I think there was going to be some big comedown from the climb.”

She’s right, of course. But, can’t we can all agree that Cersei’s death with Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) in the dungeon was, at best, unceremonious? This was the disappointment for many fans. Cersei was such a formidable threat for so long. She deserved a more hard-fought, or well-earned death. And though two formerly powerful characters dying so weak and helpless speaks to the terror, chaos, chance and truth of war… and dragon attacks… so many of us wanted more. I’ve come to terms with it, because it is somehow much more tragic an end than if she had gone down fighting. That, to me, fits.  

What do you think after a few weeks of processing the end of the series?  

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