Tom Lenk and Jack Plotnick’s fashionable take on The Shining

If you love Instagram, fashion, or Tom Lenk you will no doubt be aware of his amazing Lenk Lewk For Less series of viral images. For the uninitiated, Tom takes a red carpet style and recreates it near-perfect using every day household items and other hilarious things.

Seriously. How does he do it?!

I freaking adore Tom Lenk, he was incredible in BTVS and I loved seeing him do Shakespeare in Much Ado About Nothing. I can’t believe he’s more fashionable than me using just postal paper (I need to up my wardrobe game).

The latest Lenk Lewk For Less is terrifyingly spooky and perfectly timed with Halloween just around the corner.

Check out this video posted today featuring his amazing friend Jack Plotnick and their incredible outfits inspired by The Shining.

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