Instagram user Delta.Customs, by all accounts, seems to be all about LEGOS. As such, the probability that Delta Customs has the inside track into the toy bricks company is wholly believable. That being said, it’s also entirely possible that Delta is making up this nonsense to bring attention to their youtube channel or something along those lines.

The other thing to keep in mind here is that LEGO is not necessarily the most dependable source for spoilers; however, they do receive the inside track on various moments from the films so they can craft their sets around them. There’s that one leaked set from Age of Ultron where the Avengers were saving Vision. But then there’s also the Doctor Strange set with a tentacle monster attacking the Sanctum Sanctorum.

So it’s not an exact science. That being said, Delta Customs posted two different possible spoiler-y posts to their Instagram account, one detailing a couple sets from Spider-Man: Homecoming, the other one detailing a couple sets from Thor: Ragnarok.

First, let’s take a look at Spider-Man: Homecoming.

To finish all of my leaks for the summer sets! (or is it??) EDIT: There are only TWO Spider-Man Homecoming sets!

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For Spider-Man: Homecoming we’ve got two sets. In the first one, the description says it’s a bank robbery of Spider-Man vs two robbers and the two robbers “have Avengers in their names.” It seems like a foregone conclusion that, of course, Spider-Man would stop at least one bank robbery, but putting the twist in their that the bank robbers are dressed, in part, like Avengers will be a lot of fun. This is also an easy way for Sony and Marvel to play with the rights issues of their respective characters and flesh out their world, even more, as one where all of these characters coexist.

The second set has a car build in it and it features Spider-Man, Shocker and Vulture as well as Iron Man. There are two bigger surprises here. First of all, we’ve got Iron Man. We knew Robert Downey, Jr. would be featured in the movie as Tony Stark, but here it seems that there’s a possibility we’ll see him as Iron Man. The other bigger surprise here is that Vulture’s wings are large enough that they need to be built. That’s a pretty impressive wing span.

Then we’ve got Thor: Ragnarok, embedded below.

More leaks!

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There’s no real surprises here, given what we already knew about the film being a combination of Ragnarok and Planet Hulk. In the first set, we’ve got a gladiator ring with Hulk (as a gladiator) and Thor along with the Grandmaster and a guard. The bigger surprise here is that Loki is also there and, since he doesn’t have a helmet mold with him, as Thor does, we can presume that he is there as a guest of the Grandmaster to watch his brother fight the green brute that beat him in the first Avengers film.

In set two, we have a spaceship of some sort along with a mid-change Bruce Banner, Thor as a gladiator, Valkyrie, Hela and two of her henchmen. Since we’ve seen images of Valkyrie with tribal war paint on her, it’s a safe assumption that we first meet her in the gladiator fights and, therefore, this scene takes place a little later in the film as Thor, Hulk and Valkyrie are trying to escape.

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