The hype train is alive and well for The Lego Batman Movie and fans are being treated to many hilarious TV spots. They’ve released 3, yes, 3 TV Spots in 3 days! All of them feature new clips and some reused ones but it’s all great.

In the first spot, Robin is a lonely boy who wants a family while Batman fears being in a family again. It includes possibly a hilarious nod to The Dark Knight series by Christopher Nolan and shows that Batman isn’t really a hugger. Hugs just aren’t for the brooding. The second one shows that Batman always needs a kick-butt theme song! In another reference to the predecessors, its features an epic high five that brings in waves of nostalgia towards the old comics and even the 1966 TV show. The third and final one shows that while he has millions of fans, he has 0 friends as the Justice League have a party without him. But at least he’s with his new sidekick Robin who’s down to stop that clown! We also get our first look at Harley Quinn in action.

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It also appears from these spots that Batman may have a “thing” for Barbara Gordon. She’s voiced by Rosario Dawson and appears to be much older then she would be in canon. Could this mean that Barbara Gordon and Batman will be in a relationship, bringing the police department and Batman together? Granted, Commissioner James Gordon didn’t have to date Batman to work with him but! This would be an interesting twist on the source material.

The Lego Batman Movie is set to hit theaters February 10, 2017. Are you ready for the fun and laughs? I’m unbashedly excited for this movie! Check out the spots below and let us know what you think!