Marvel fan, or not… X-Men fan, or not… you should all be watching Legion.  It is, on its own merits, one of the most inventive, beautiful, fascinating, compelling, terrifying and fun series out there.  And, season two is on its way. 

FX released a preview of season two that isn’t so much a preview as a warning.  It consists almost entirely of Aubrey Plaza talking to us, through the camera.   It is kind of a meta take on the therapy sessions we saw in season one, where she is talking us through our experience of last season.  And, it is pretty terrifying. 

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As Plaza talks about how nothing we saw last season happened, how it’s all in our delusional little brains, flashes of what we saw appear in her silhouette.  It feels pretty real.  But, she insists that it wasn’t, and what is to come in season two definitely will be.  Then you see very, very quick flashes of new footage.  The new images feature David Haller (Dan Stevens) heavily, as you’d expect.  And, they don’t give much away, as you’d expect.  That’s okay.  I’m too excited to care how much I know about next season!  Bring it on!

Legion follows the story of “David Haller,” a man who believed he was schizophrenic but discovered he might be the most powerful mutant in the world. With help from a team of specialists, David harnessed his unique abilities and learned he’d been haunted by a malicious parasite. Now, David is all that stands in the way of “Amahl Farouk” from attaining infinite and world-ending power.

Legion premieres on FX April 3rd.  



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