Legion M is a fan owned entertainment company that puts control into their investors hands by allowing them to decide which type of projects they want to pursue. Their most recent project is the surprise critically acclaimed Mandyan action thriller featuring power house Nicolas Cage in all his rage and glory. The movie itself is a psychedelic trip following Cage’s attempting to get his girlfriend back from a extreme religious group. Fans of the movie can now show off their love with brand new merchandise being sold through Legion M. You can find all the new merchandise on their website

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Some of my personal favorites, and super thankful it is close enough to Christmas so I can email the ideas to my husband, are Cheddar Goblin head, the Mandy t-shirt and of course the Mandy Viewing Party Box. The box contains everything you would need to host your own Mandy viewing party, such as mini posters, temporary tattoos, party coasters, Cheddar Goblin Mac and Cheese a beanie, and a 20% discount card for more merchandise. It is honestly the gift that keeps on giving. 

If you are unable to catch Mandy in a theater near you, you can buy it online through iTunes here and share each thrilling moment with your friends! Don’t forget the awesome viewing box while you’re at it. If you are still unsure of whether you should see it or not? Stop questioning yourself! Rotten tomatoes seriously loves this film and it has Nicolas Cage and a chainsaw fight. Who doesn’t need more of both of those in their lives?




Julia Roth
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