Legion M, the very first fan owned entertainment company, and Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment have partnered together to develop and produce original content. This content will give fans the opportunity to invest and receive equity in these projects. Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment is a growing media company that is working on creating a network of VOD channels. They focus on uplifting and positive shows such as Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Hidden Heroes, Vacation Rental Potential, and Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Being Dad.

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Starting right away, Chicken Soup for the Soul will have exclusive rights to Legion M shows already in production. Aside from working together on series already in development through either of the companies, we will see five new shows going into development. Those five are:

  •  POSITV – A weekly collection of inspirational, uplifting and positive news, stories and real life moments that are submitted by individuals from around the world, curated by the Legion M community.
  • Comedy Royale– A next generation sketch comedy show where online viewers play the role of a production executive as up-and-coming creators, actors, comics and comedy troupes compete for cash, prizes and the opportunity to break into the industry.
  • Up$ide– At-home viewers become venture capitalists as entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas on live television.  The audience selects which companies they’ll invest in, receiving equity in return.
  • New York Rock Exchange– Solo acts and bands perform on a weekly TV series that puts the audience in a record label’s executive seat.  Participants compete for financial backing to fulfill their rock star dreams while viewers invest in their favorite act and receive equity in the winner’s first studio album and/or tour.
  • Legion M– Creators, directors and dreamers pitch their TV or film concepts to an TV audience who “green light” their favorite projects by investing in their productions.  The newly minted fan-producers receive equity once a project reaches its minimum funding goals.

Not only will we see new shows being produced through this partnership, they will also being working closely to on feature length films as well. Both companies have had their hands in the movie side of entertainment and are planning on combining their strengths to bring more to life. Through Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Media Screen division, an independent movie distributor, they have produced several movies. This includes Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer, The Mercy and Bel Canto. It is exciting to see how the partnership will help shape upcoming productions from Legion M including the female driven western, Girl With No Name.

Everyone at Legion M and Chicken Soup for the Soul is extremely excited with this new partnership. The five new shows all look fantastic and I love the amount of audience and fan interaction they will include. Legion M is constantly making our jaws drop with the direction they are continuing to sail and they are no doubt changing Hollywood for the better. Legion M CEO and Co Founder Paul Scanlan had this to say regarding the partnership,

 An early pioneer of crowdsourcing content, CSS Entertainment understands the power of Legion M’s Fan-Owned business model and how the community can inspire, guide and contribute to high-quality, entertaining content. We’re looking forward to offering fans and viewers the opportunity to not only participate in the content they are watching, but invest and own a piece of it as well.

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I really can not wait to see what new projects Legion M and Chicken Soup for the Soul have in mind. As a fan of the books growing up it really brings me back to my childhood. To keep up with all the latest Legion M news make sure to check back here and don’t forget that you can join Legion M as a free member on their website here!


Julia Roth
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