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We’re getting closer and closer to production for CW’s highly-anticipated mid-season series, Legends of Tomorrow. Part of how we know that is seeing Ciara Renee, who’s cast as Hawkgirl, getting into great flying shape. Literally.

She’s doing a form of yoga called aerial yoga which employs a series of sheets, ropes and ribbons to do stretches and exercises. Actually, it’s just easier to see the pictures below to really grasp the idea fully.

Vampire. #Flying #Hawkgirl #BatWings #NewPose #AntiGravity #YogaEverywhere @studioanya

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Side. #Vampire #BatWings #NewPose #AntiGravity #Hawkgirl #Flying #YogaEverywhere @studioanya

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Seeing those pictures, you can almost see the wings on her, cutting through the air as she zips down to smash a bad guy with her Thanagarian Mace, which is, of course, made of indestructible Nth Metal. Thanagar, by the way, is the planet that Hawkgirl is from. Nth metal is an almost indestructible metal in the same vein as Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, which is made of Uru.


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