In a special livestream about the story for the upcoming Legacy of the Sith expansion, Bioware included a special Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer montage to celebrate its upcoming tenth anniversary. The end of the trailer gave one last surprise announcement from the SWTOR dev team. Legacy of the Sith is launching for free to all subscribers on December 14, 2021!

Charles Boyd (Creative Director for Star Wars: The Old Republic) revealed that SWTOR fan-favorite Tau Idair (a Jedi Knight voiced by Enuka Okuma) will return for the new expansion!

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With the bulk of the Eternal Alliance’s fleet destroyed, it became inevitable that the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire would return to war. The first shot of the Third Great Galactic War was fired on Ossus. In a preemptive strike, Imperial forces attempted to destroy a hidden Jedi colony.

The leader of the Imperial onslaught is revealed to be Darth Malgus. The rogue Sith Lord tried and failed to establish his own independent “New Empire”. For 12 years, the galaxy assumed he was dead?! Though claiming to now be fully loyal to the Sith Empire, he suspiciously pursues an unknown plan.

In Legacy of the Sith, the war between Republic and Empire continues to spread across the galaxy. The latest battlefield is the oceanic planet of Manaan. Historically neutral in galactic wars, the Sith have invaded to seize control of the planet’s kolto: a vital medical resource.

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As the Republic and Empire compete for territory and power, rumors emerge from the dark corners of the galaxy. A rumor that Darth Malgus hunts for ancient relics in a forgotten Sith fortress on Elom. A rumor that one of these relics could challenge the very survival of both the Republic and the Sith.

“For centuries, the Sith and the Jedi have controlled the galaxy,” narrates Darth Malgus, “It is time to break free…”

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STAR WARS: The Old Republic – 10-Year Celebration Montage:

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