Your father has died and his lawyer has contacted you with instructions on how to locate your inheritance. So begins a series of puzzles that will have you traveling the world, looking for clues, finding relatives, and even eating at good restaurants. Through use of tactile components, like 3-D glasses, trinkets, and maps, you will decipher several puzzles on your way to getting rich.

From publisher, Argyx Games: “Inspired by live escape games, LEGACY: Quest for a Family Treasure is a narrative puzzle: a unique and immersive co-op investigation game you can play at home. Use observation and deduction to solve puzzles, decipher codes and experience alternate reality gaming.”

I recently had a chance to play the demo version of LEGACY and I can say it is definitely a bit different than your average escape room in a box. The game uses more actual components and also employs dedicated websites and even email correspondence to enhance the immersion. Even though I did not have the benefit of holding the final version, I think that Argyx accomplished what they were going for here. You can tell they went the extra mile for the benefit of players.

I played LEGACY solo and was able to get at least in the ballpark of all the solutions. If I had been playing with a couple of other people I think we would have figured the puzzles out without minimal, if any, use of hints. That said, the hint system was fair, helpful, and gave me plenty of chances to nudge my way to the correct answer without just handing it to me on a silver platter. The whole experience took about 90 minutes and I was satisfied at the end. It sort of reminded me of the movie, National Treasure. (If you don’t agree with that comparison, take it up with Nick Cage)

In conclusion, if you are a fan of escape style games I think this is a safe bet. Not too difficult, but not a cake walk. It would provide a nice “escape” for an evening of family fun. LEGACY: Quest for a Family Treasure is currently on Kickstarter


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