It has been a month since Disney Plus aired their MCU tv trailer during the Superbowl and we are still talking about it. In those last two seconds we catch a glimpse of everyone’s favorite God of Mischief Loki dressed in prison garb with TVA written on it. He grins and says, ‘I’m gonna burn this place to the ground.’ So simple and yet so powerful at the same time. Disney has confirmed out that the TVA on the prison suit stands for Time Variance Authority. The group is responsible for monitoring different timelines and protecting them from danger.

Now today, a fan Twitter for Loki and Tom Hiddleston, Karla Loves Loki, shared unofficial set images from filming down in Atlanta, Georgia. From the images we can see, he is dressed in a suit (yes, more Loki suits!) and seems to be working alongside the TVA. How they roped him into working alongside them instead of against them will be interesting to see. We don’t know the context of the shot, though it does look like they are investigating a crime scene of some sort. Detective Loki? I like the ring of that.

We also finally have our first look at Sophia Di Martino‘s character. While we are still unsure who she is exactly going to be playing, her outfit screams Loki to me. The big Twitter theories are that she is going to be playing Lady Loki in the series. In the comics Lady Loki comes to be when Loki takes over a body meant for Lady Sif. Though it is possible for Loki to change his appearance, so maybe Di Martino’s character doesn’t interact with Hiddleston’s at all and is just an appearance he takes on to avoid getting caught or for other reasons.

Hopefully Disney will bring us more answers and a new trailer in the next couple of months. An exact release date for Loki has yet to be revealed but we do know we will be getting the series in 2021.

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