We’re dissecting the latest relationship moments from Law & Order‘s Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay)! This time, we’re taking a look at last week’s two-hour December SVU and Organized Crime crossover episode. Major spoilers ahead! Fair Warning: You might feel differently after reading this; apologies in advance for those who love Elliot Stabler.

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A Benson/Stabler Christmas

Elliot inviting Olivia and Noah over for Christmas after Liv talked about defining the relationship as a “friendship” for now was a significant step forward. Elliot even asked Olivia about her dating history, which is good because he will need to know. Having more conversations like what they had in the waiting room will help him understand how much stability she deserves in her life. He knows she’ll achieve that with or without him.

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Olivia Benson Speaks Her Piece

Watching the scene where Liv finally tells Elliot how she’s felt the past few months was one of the most gratifying scenes I’ve ever watched on this show. For two seasons, we’ve watched Olivia be as supportive as possible for someone who hasn’t shown her the same in return.

From calling him out on the scares he’s given her to asking why he decided to provide her with “the letter,” she covered what was most important. Elliot needs this kind of straight talk from her to change his ways.

Law & Order Benson and Stabler

Another Handhold

As wonderful as it was to see Olivia reach over in the car and squeeze Elliot’s hand, it was also semi-lackluster, considering many could argue she did what any good friend would do. Squeezing Elliot’s hand was a reassuring gesture, reminding him he wasn’t alone. Arguably, Elliot looking down and acknowledging her touch makes a huge difference, but if you put anyone in his place, it might have the same effect. If they interlocked fingers, this would be a whole different conversation. I liked the moment last season when we got the first lingering handhold, and I want more! Ilene Chaiken, are you listening?

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Partners in All Aspects

During one of the most frightening moments in Elliot’s life where his teenager was missing, Elliot made it clear the only person he wanted beside him when he reunited with his son was Olivia. Meanwhile, Liv was okay standing outside the room and letting the two of them have their moment. However, whenever his kids get into trouble, Elliot relies on Olivia to be his calm in the storm and help his family. Elliot thanking Olivia several times for her support goes a long way in my book.

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Christoper Meloni as Elliot Stabler and Tamara Taylor as Angela Wheatley on NBC’s Law & Order Organized Crime

The Wheatley Effect

Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) is the only one constantly acknowledging this Olivia/Elliot love rollercoaster they’re on, and, speaking as a fan, I feel seen. His warning to Olivia not to come to court for Angela’s (Tamara Taylor) testimony because he knew something happened between his ex-wife and Stabler was the first acknowledgment of that night. Next was him sharing his amusement with Elliot that Olivia showed up for the testimony anyway, to which Elliot replied, “Liv knows a lot more of what when on between Angie and myself than the jury does.” Although, to be honest, she didn’t know. He even told Olivia it wasn’t her business. It’s unclear whether Elliot truly believed he told Liv what she needed to know about Angela or he was trying to show Wheatley that he, nor Liv, isn’t rattled by the Wheatleys.

I wouldn’t mind watching one full hour of Christmas at the Stablers with Liv and Noah. The holiday was ruined the moment Elliot learned Wheatley would not be tried again in court. Despite the bad news, maybe Elliot can take a few minutes to vent to Liv about how he feels and let them enjoy the rest of their holiday as a family — just as their futures hold together! As usual, we’ll wait impatiently to see what happens next for Liv and Elliot.

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