Welcome to this week’s installment of Geek Girl Authority Crush of the Week, wherein we shine a spotlight on strong women who inspire us. These ladies are a prime example of female empowerment and how crucial it is for youth to have said example to follow.

DISCLAIMER: The following contains spoilers for the Halloween franchise.

Laurie Strode

Fast Facts:

Laurie Stode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in Halloween II,

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in Halloween II,

Where do we start? One of the original scream queens, Halloween’s Laurie Strode, slashed her way into our hearts beginning in 1978. She was first portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis and later by Scout Taylor-Compton in RobZombie‘s 2007 remake. In both iterations, Laurie is a teenage girl living in Haddonfield, Illinois. Things seem to be going great for her. She is working as a babysitter and doing well in school.

What Laurie didn’t expect was for Michael Myers to show up and wreck her night. The mysterious killer has his eyes set on Laurie, who is trying to protect not only herself but young Tommy and Lindsey. With some quick thinking, Laurie manages to survive to live another day. But the terror doesn’t end there. Over the next 43 years, Laurie and Michael Myers have gone head to head in multiple movies, books and video games.

Most recently, Curtis has returned to the role in 2018’s Halloween, where she has reached adulthood but still living in fear of the day Michael Myers returns. And when he does, this scream queen kicks major ass as the two go head to head for what is hopefully the last time. But it seems the scares aren’t over. Recently Halloween Kills dropped and next year, we will see Curtis return for what we hope is a final time in Halloween Ends.

The Real Deal:

Laurie Strode is the real deal. Not only is she one of the original scream queens, but she is easily one of the first examples of the horror genre’s “final girl” archetype. If you asked me if I could survive against a murderous killing machine – it would be a definite no. But Laurie fights back and endures the terror and pain that comes with being the focus of Michael Myers’s wrath. Throughout the years, Laurie has continued to prove that her tenacity can not be challenged.

Why She Matters:

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in Halloween (2018).

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in Halloween (2018).

So, why does Laurie Strode matter? This scream queen/final girl is what I hope my ultimate form is one day. Hopefully, no one will ever have to face off against someone like Michael Myers. But if you do, Laure Strode and the Halloween movies would be a great “how-to” series. Throughout the years, Laurie has proved that determination, smarts and tenacity can take you a long way. Partner that with Laurie’s determination and sheer will to live and you have the perfect match for the deadly Michael Myers. Plus, everything Laurie does, she does for her family.

So, be like Laurie! In the face of utter terror, stand tall, hold onto your determination, fight for your life and never give up no matter what.

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