Welcome to this week’s installment of F2P Friday, where we highlight our favorite Free-2-Play games. The video game market is oversaturated, and sometimes, hidden gems fall through the cracks. This is where we dig for you and feature a new F2P game we know you will enjoy every week. Let’s dive in. 

Last Train Home

Late at night, you manage to catch the last train home. The cars are nearly empty, with only a handful of unlikely passengers milling around. No stops. No announcements. No way out. 

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The Basics

Let’s get down to the basics. Last Train Home is a horror adventure about a man who finds himself on a mostly empty train with no idea where it’s going. The plot is loosely based on an old internet story the developer—hby—read. The gameplay is as simple as moving around the linear map with the left and right arrow keys. There are some light, novice-level puzzle elements, and the story progresses through the puzzle dialogue with the other passengers. 

Why Should I Play?

Why should you play Last Train Home? This compact indie horror experience can be played in under 10 minutes right in the browser. The game’s premise is interesting without resorting to jump-scares and gore, making it a great choice for younger players or those uncomfortable with more intense horror. 

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The puzzles and dialogue are simple, so the setting does the heavy lifting for the game’s likability. The ambient noise of the train and the lack of music make for a tense atmosphere. The pixel art style is charming and well done, building the environment and characters with minimal details. These creepypasta stories work best when the reader can imagine they could happen anywhere … even on your commute home.

Ready to catch the Last Train Home? You can play on Itch.io in the browser for free here!


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