The holidays are upon us, and it’s inevitable that there’ll be someone you still need to cross off your list. Whether that’s someone who’s tough to buy for or someone you hadn’t expected to see, if they’re a theatre geek, we’ve got you covered!

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For the artist…

Throat Coat tea, in bulk. Artists need to protect their instruments, and during the winter that means a lot of Throat Coat tea. Bonus: if time has completely run out, this is something you can grab at any grocery store. If there’s time or reason to shop online, you can get a six pack from Traditional Medicinals here. Want to go full-on gift basket? Throw in some Emergen-C, Grether’s Pastilles, a Spafinder gift card and Instant Ginger Honey Crystals.

BELTBOX. Another voice-friendly treat is BELTBOX, a tool that allows artists to do vocal warmups anywhere without disturbing anyone. And it looks cool when in use, too… Check them out here.


Books! We love books, don’t we? A safe place to start when selecting one for the theatre geek in your life is Larry Sliverberg. Check out his books on the true acting institute’s website here. Another good choice is Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part, by Michael Shurtleff. Find it on Amazon here. Beyond technique, buying books of monologues or plays might be the perfect choice for the person you’re thinking of. Don’t forget: books are easy to find in shops, so brave your local bookseller and ask the experts there if they have anything we just recommended and if they have additional recommendations!

Classes? Depending on where your recipient lives, this might be a little difficult to arrange, but money or gift certificates for the best local option could be a winning choice. UCB has gift cards you can purchase online, good for classes or tickets. So do The Groundlings. Not sure what’s the best local choice for your theatre geek? Google “acting classes near BLANK,” and between your search results and Yelp ratings, you’ll have a start. When in doubt: CASH.

For the theatre lover…

TICKETS. You know where your theatre geek lives. Getting a gift card for tickets to any show, or for the whole season, at their favorite theatre will delight them. These are also easy to buy online. If you want to support the theatres we talk a lot about, you can get gift certificates to South Coast Repertory here and the Chance Theater here.  Interested in a touring show? It’s rough to recommend Ticketmaster, but they do handle tickets for major tours like Hamilton, and they do have gift cards, which you can find here.

Backstage Tours! Did you know that you can arrange tours of most theatres? Some will request a donation to a partner charitable organization, some will have another way of managing things. The best bet is to contact the Stage Manager at the theatre you’re interested in and asking for guidance. The Stage Manager should also be able to help you pursue signed playbills and posters!

Merch. has an online store that is not to be missed. Apparel, decor, stuffed animals, etc. If you know your theatre geek loves a particular show, start here.

Repurposed set pieces! Scenery Bags takes things like “the Milan Curtain used in the final scene of KINKY BOOTS on Broadway” and turns them into fetching bags. They’ve also started making bangles out of show decks from national tours! If you’re looking for something really unique, check them out. 

This bag is made from the Milan Curtain used in the final scene of KINKY BOOTS on Broadway, Scenic Designed by David Rockwell!

For anyone…

Make a donation in their honor. Arts organizations all over the world are constantly looking for funds. If your theatre geek really doesn’t need another THING, or if the clock has run down so low that you do not have time to purchase an ITEM, make a donation in someone’s honor. Some organizations on our radar:

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Leona Laurie