Movies at the Bing Theater – LACMA $5
5905 Wilshire Blvd

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~Brenda Shea

Happy New Year Dweebs!  Sorry I’ve been absent, but work was crazy.  I generally try to focus on interactive stuff here, but let’s all get some rest and take it easy in January.

There’s several affordable movie houses out there in Los Angeles you should be visiting as you gather your strength:  New Bev.  Cinefamily. Downtown Independent.

But since it’s movie musical season, I’m featuring LACMA!  They’re offering a tremendous dweeby $5 double feature at the end of this month.

(ooooh!  retro)

All That Jazz — 7:30 / Phantom of the Paradise — 9:50 January 23

All That Jazz.  Bob Fosse wrote, directed, and choreographed this mindblowing pic that’s equal parts musical, fantasy, and biography.  I could gush about it, but what would be the point?  I already said Fosse choreographed it.  That should be plenty.  If you’ve never seen the number “Take Off With Us” on the big screen (featuring Sandahl “Valeria” Bergman) do yourself a solid.

Phantom of the Paradise.  DePalma before he abandoned homage and became the grandfather of the flat reboot.  Paul Williams songs include everything from bubblegum pop to prog rock to Alice Cooper inspired proto-goth/glam (Beef!).  And one of my favorite movie love themes ever,  “Old Souls”.

It’s a couple of movie musicals that I sincerely believe could never get made today.

The Bing projects in both digital and on film.  These flicks are available on BluRay, so I figure they’ll go that direction. The auditorium seats 600.

Parking is in the Pritzker Parking Garage on Sixth Street and is FREE after 7pm.  Stand firm on this when exiting.  I’ve heard the guards can be a little tricky about it sometimes.  It’s never happened to me though.

This barely scratches the surface of the movies and events offered.   If you have a weird work schedule the most fun is to be had at the 1pm Tuesday screenings.  Don’t even check to see what’s playing.  Drop in and be surprised (you have to deal with parking on that one).

This is also the location where Ivan Reitman does his live read series, but who can get tickets to that?

More info, here!