TriStar Pictures tapped Scott Derrickson to direct the upcoming sequel to Labyrinth, according to DeadlineMaggie Levin will write the script. 

The sequel comes thirty-four years after the original debuted in 1986.  Labyrinth stars Jennifer Connelly as a young girl who must navigate her way through a labyrinth to save her baby brother from the goblin king.  The late David Bowie steals the show as Jareth, the goblin king.  Connelly, Bowie, and ‘the babe’ are the only human characters in the film.  The rest of the characters are from Jim Henson’s creature shop.  The film is a cult hit and has spawned comic books, video games and more. 

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Derrickson’s most recent works include Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Sinister, and The Day the Earth Stood Still.  Derrickson was set to direct the Doctor Strange sequel but left the project earlier this year.  Screenwriter and director, Levin’s credits include Hulu’s My Valentine and Into the Dark

Lisa Henson of The Jim Henson Company with Brian Henson are executive producing.  Derrickson is also executive producing with C. Robert Cargill

I loved Labyrinth.  David Bowie is mesmerizing as Jared. Without Bowie, the sequel won’t have the same magic as the original.  Let’s hope casting will find someone just as magical. 

The Labyrinth sequel is currently in preproduction.




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