While the house located at 1115 Oxley St, South Pasadena, California made only a brief appearance in John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 film Halloween, horror fans from far and wide still pay Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) house a visit whenever they find themselves in California.

According to a 2018 article from Los Angeles Magazine, the current owners are super welcoming of the visitors, even posting signs that “… encourages visitors to use a pumpkin to ‘sit like Jamie Lee Curtis,’ referring to the images in the framed collage in which Curtis, as high school student Laurie Strode, leaves her house and sits on a short cement pillar in the front yard. She holds the pumpkin in her lap while waiting to get picked up for her Halloween night babysitting job.” 

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With spooky season finally upon us, L.A couple John Berchtold and Casey Bailey decided to spend an afternoon carving pumpkins and having a picnic in front of the tourist attraction. While Casey churned out an accidental one armed ghost, John took a surprising and totally adorable route by cutting out a very important message. 


Can you say #couplegoals? After a photo shoot to celebrate their engagement (making sure to recreate the Halloween Laurie Strode shot, of course) John and Casey took to social media. They shared the news with friends, family and Halloween fans alike. And just when you think this story couldn’t get any sweeter? Jamie Lee Curtis herself took to Instagram to post her reaction to the engagement. 


Big congratulations to John and Casey from all of us here at Geek Girl Authority! May your union be long, fulfilling and only occasionally terrifying. We hope you guys get your wish and find a Michael Myers to marry you! We would kill to see the pictures!


Originally published 9/23/20


Fallon Marie Gannon