Krysten Ritter isn’t stopping with Jessica Jones. She has written her first book. It’s a psychological thriller called Bonfire and it’s set to hit bookstores next month.   

A short trailer, narrated by Ritter, was released by Entertainment Weekly on Friday. It’s got a pretty spooky vibe, as the book seems to. Here’s their short synopsis of the plot:  

Abby, a young woman returning to her rural childhood home of Barrens, Indiana. What begins as a darkly personal tale of old family secrets being unearthed expands into a suspenseful portrait of a small-town community, and a riveting exploration of corporate greed.

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EW also published an excerpt of Bonfire‘s first chapter. The excerpt is an introduction to the main character and to her relationship with her home town. It’s not a good one. There is definitely some foreshadowing going on. She talks of ghosts and monsters. The small town she is from, Barrens, Indiana, is painted as dark, menacing and colorless. Her life in Chicago, by contrast, is bright and lively. In the final words of the excerpt, Abby says, “Barrens has its roots in me. If I want it gone forever, I’ll have to cut them out myself.” She’s going home, and it won’t be pretty.  

Bonfire will be on bookshelves November 7th. Ritter will also be appearing in Jessica Jones season 2, which finished shooting in September, and can most likely be expected sometime in 2018.  

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