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Hollywood Reporter caught up with actress Krysten Ritter regarding her titular role in Netflix critically acclaimed series, Jessica Jones. The main question on everyone’s minds is will we get a second season of the series about a hard-drinking, hard-hitting woman running away from being a superhero and how in the world will a character like that fit in with The Defenders?

For that first question, regarding a season two, Ritter said, “It’s such a tricky thing. I’m not supposed to talk about that. But I think there is lots of story left to tell with Jessica and I really love playing the character. I would love to throw on her boots and leather jacket anytime.”

Marvel's Jessica Jones

So Krysten Ritter is on board to reprise the character for a second season! Sounds like it’s up to Netflix and Marvel to close that deal. The second season of Daredevil came pretty quickly, in just a couple weeks actually, but we’re still waiting on news of this season.

It’s hard to see where they might fit in a second season with Netflix already committed to doing two Marvel series a year. They’ve already got the second season of Daredevil coming out in the first half of next year followed by Luke Cage later in the year, so the earliest we could see Jessica Jones, currently, would be 2017 unless Netflix changes their deal with Marvel to allow for more episodes.

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But in terms of just how she’ll fit in with the Defenders, who will be comprised of Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist along with her, just how will that work. Ritter starts off by acknowledging that she is very different from those other heroes, saying, “With the success of Daredevil and now Jessica Jones, they’re both so wildly different, and Luke Cage is going to be groundbreaking. Marvel and Netflix have proven they know what they’re doing.”

She then goes on to add, “But it will be interesting to see how Jessica Jones fits in with those other guys because she doesn’t want to be a superhero. She doesn’t want anything to do with that. I have no idea how she’s going to be forced to team up with all of them.”

Marvel's Jessica Jones

She then finishes up the interview saying, “She has these powers and this innate goodness in her whether she likes it or not. So she’ll be a really valuable asset to the team. She has super strength. She can fly. Those things come in handy.”

This raises a small question to us: she can fly? Super strength yes, but it seems like she was more like The Hulk in that she had a super jump, not flight. Is this something we’ll see develop further on in the mythology that Netflix is establishing?

Let’s all hope, shall we?

Marvel's Jessica Jones

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