Kristen Wiig hosted SNL last night and brought back some of her most delightful characters.  Few people are funnier than her.

In a political week full of political satire, you may have been expecting Wiig to take part in that fun, but she stuck to the standards.  Anybody wishing for her greatest hits was most likely pretty darn satisfied.

Most notably, Wiig brought back Surprise Lady for a hilarious Thanksgiving surprise, and once again played a terrible round of Secret Word.  She’s enduringly funny.  I was so happy to see her back.  Cut for time, Thanksgiving Foods is perfect for Wiig, in that it just keeps sliding further into the absurd, where she truly belongs.

Wiig and Kate McKinnon paired up for a sketch about a couple of pun-loving cat ladies.  The sketch is… weird, but you can see them delighting in each other, they’re both so funny, and it’s loaded with real live kittens. What else could you ask for?

Check them all out here.





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