Episode 51 of Kneel Before Aud is my third annual San Diego Comic-Con edition and as in the previous two editions, this one is all about nerd origin stories! This year my guest list is comprised of two writers, five actors, a psychologist and a jeweler. I asked them all one question, “What is your nerd origin story?” Now, if you a first time listener, when I say nerd origin story – I’m asking what event or events or influences made you fall in love with what you’re most geeky about. Since these interviews took place at comic con – a good portion of them are geeky but you’ll be surprised and delighted with the answers that don’t orbit the genre world.

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So, who will you be listening to?!?

Alaina Huffman – actress, Smallville, Stargate SGU, Supernatural.

Tal M Klein – writer, The Punch Escrow.

Anthony Lemke – actor Lost Girl, Dark Matter.

Dr. Janina Scarlet –  author of Superhero Therapy 

Amber Nash – actress, voice of Pam Poovey on Archer.  

Shannon McClung – actor, The Mentalist, Silicon Valley, The Orville.

Missy LaPlace – actress, GGA contributor

Daniel Wilson – writer Robopocalypse, The Clockwork Dynasty.

Janelle Bidali – owner, Badali Jewelry 

Nine wonderful short interviews from nine very different people in the genre world. Enjoy episode 51 of Kneel Before Aud!

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Audrey Kearns