KBA_Kaj Eriksen

In Episode 31 of Kneel Before Aud, I sit down with actor Kaj Eriksen. Kaj is a lifelong actor who was on MacGyver TWICE! I could stop there because that’s super awesome – but I won’t. This fella has a major resume. After Macguyver and a slew of other spots, Kaj won his first major starring role on The Commish playing Michael Chiklis’ son, David Scali. After that, Kaj went on to star in some nerdy goodness including recurring character Danny Farrell on the cult science fiction hit The 4400 and also Star Trek: Enterprise, the Soska Sisters’ horror flick, See No Evil 2 and most recently Hell on Wheels.

Kaj and I sat down and chatted about music, nature, our dogs and of course, Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Chicklis, Star Trek and much, much more.

Enjoy episode 31 of Kneel Before Aud with my guest, Kaj Eriksen.

(and, oh yeah – #BringBackThe4400 )

~Audrey Kearns

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Audrey Kearns