Daniel Corey sits down and talks Moriarty, Red City and his new comic book, Bloodworth

In episode 43 of Kneel Before AudI sit down with writer and DangerKatt founder Daniel Corey for a fun hour of catch-em-ups and creativity.

The thing is, Daniel and I knew each other in the 90’s. THE 1990’s!!! We worked together at Universal Studios in Orlando. Fast forward to 2016 and both our lives are completely different. I’m over here at Geek Girl Authority and Daniel, well, Daniel has four comic titles under his belt. DangerKatt’s Prophet, Image Comics’ Moriarty and Red City and his latest, Bloodworth.

In this wonderful hour, we catch up each other on our lives and then talk the nitty gritty of writing and creating solid stories and characters. Such a fun time!

Right now, Daniel is running a Kickstarter for the second issue of Bloodworth. It’s a great science fiction tale which brings to mind Philip K. Dick and our current real life debate on privacy and policing. Plus, the art is kick ass. Check out the Bloodworth Kickstarter, here.

Also, check out Daniel Corey in all these fabulous places — Next thing you know, he’ll have an account with Mind Palace (What does she mean? Well, you’ll have to check out Bloodworth to find out!)

Daniel Corey official website, DangerKatt.
Moriarty on Facebook.
Bloodworth on Facebook.
Daniel Corey on Twitter
Daniel Corey on Instagram.

Enjoy episode 43 of Kneel Before Aud!

~Audrey Kearns

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Audrey Kearns