Steven Moffat and others share their Nerd Origin stories at San Diego Comic Con!

Episode 41 of Kneel Before Aud  is all about Comic-Con and Nerd Origin stories! This is my second annual San Diego Comic-Con edition and folks, Steven Moffat is on it! STEVEN. MOFFAT.

For my SDCC special editions, I ask random folks and celebrities, “What is your Nerd Origin story?”  Now when I ask you what your Nerd Origin story is – I’m asking what event or events or influences made you fall in love with what you’re most geeky about. Since these interviews took place at Comic-Con – you can bet the answers are super geeky.

In Kneel Before Aud, Episode 41, I give you a run down of my SDCC experience and trust me, you want to listen. It was insane!  It was magical! It was insanely magical! Somehow I ended up at the Star Trek Beyond WORLD PREMIERE! I went to so many ridiculous parties (they didn’t chase me out for some reason) including the Syfy: The Magicians party, Wired Cafe and the exclusive Nerd HQ party to name a few.

The best party, of course, was the Geek Girl Authority mixer!  And this is where I grabbed Steven Moffat for his Nerd Origin story – at our mixer! Granted, it’s funny story about why he was anywhere near our modest party and you will hear that in the podcast. In addition to that experience, I chat about how I ended up at the Star Trek Beyond world premiere where J.J. Abrams gave a tear jerking salute to Anton Yelchin, my foray onto the convention floor where I ended up buying ill fitting Star Trek underwear and then of course, the Nerd Origin stories!

Here’s who you will be hearing from:

Heather Brooker – Heather is an actor, writer and host/creator of the Motherhood in Hollywood podcast. Heather also, along with myself and Claudia Dolph, hosts the amazing podcast Booze and Phasers.

Dina McCleanLegion of Leia and Click Communications

Steven Moffat – Writer extraordinaire, executive producer of Doctor Who, creator and executive producer of Sherlock

Chris Morris – A film maker and Geek Girl Authority contributor.

Heather Harper – Heather brings it to the table with He-Man – seriously.

 Marqueeda Lastarr – Social media guru for Black Girl Nerds

Enjoy Episode 41 of Kneel Before Aud!

~Audrey Kearns

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