For Episode 38 of Kneel Before AudI interview television writer Brian D. Bradley. Brian has had a eventful career. One that has included, and still includes acting, improvising and of course, writing. His television writing credits include Mad TV, Scrubs, Happy Endings and currently he is showrunner and executive producer of ABC’s Uncle Buck.

One more thing, he’s my husband. This little change to a normal interview led to a super fun podcast session! As as soon I pressed record it was like we put on two different hats and were trying so hard and failing wonderfully to talk purely professional. It was fascinating and hilarious to comment on.

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In episode 38, Brian and I chat about his nerdiness, his improv, short lived poetry career and how he ended up writing for television and of course Uncle Buck. What it was like to take the reigns of such a beloved character, how he and his writing partner, Steven Cragg, approached the script and what he thinks of his incredible cast including Mike Epps as Uncle Buck and Nia Long.

Enjoy Episode 38 of Kneel Before Aud with television writer Brian Bradley!

~Audrey Kearns

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